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Synopsis for 1st story

Recently freed from the Kyln, Tenebrous and Aegis are on the hunt for Galactus. They quickly capture the Fallen One, sensing Galactus' unique signature in the area. They are surprised to learn that countless millennia have transpired since the creation event (at the time when Galactus imprisoned them in the Kyln).

Firelord, Red Shift and the Silver Surfer find the galactic caravan of survivors they were looking for and drop off Tarq, the lone survivor of the one of the most recent Annihilation Wave attacks. They are soon joined by Stardust, which informs Silver Surfer of Galactus' summons. Silver Surfer decides to find Galactus, knowing that a summons must mean something more pressing than one of his usual orders. The three remaining ex-heralds of Galacuts are left to fight off a wave of Seekers - they are the only line of defense for the galactic caravan before them.

Annihilus and Thanos continue their discussion, truely getting down to business. Annihilus divulges his true intent, his desire for the Power Cosmic. Morg did not survive the extraction, Terrax is the next to visit his examination table.

Silver Surfer finds Galactus but is unaware that a team of Seekers (including Ravenous) is tracking him. Before the Seekers arrive, the Silver Surfer decides once again to become Galactus' herald, this time with a few attitude adjustments.

Solicit Synopsis

Can even the combined might of the ex-heralds of Galactus stand against an all out assault by the Annihilation Wave? It gets worse. Thanos, the near omnipotent mad Titan, commands the Annihilation wave assault. It gets EVEN worse. With the heralds otherwise occupied, a shocking character moves to strike at Galactus! You don't want to miss this one! No. Really. You don't.



  • Part of Annihilation. Chronicles Annihilation Day, Plus 20-21.
  • This issue contains Xandar Worldmind Database files on Tenebrous & Aegis.

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