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Real Name
Current Alias

Apocalypse, Genesis (former hosts);

Unnamed Daemon (former host, deceased)
Base of Operations
Living Status
Marital Status
Dark god of Amenth; leader of the Amenthian Daemons
Genderfluid ; (seemingly takes the gender of its host)


Unusual Skin Color
Gold , and black; sometimes green
Unusual Features
Formerly tentacles
Creators and Appearances
Quote1.png Whoever defeats the helm claims the helm. Whoever wears that crown controls the land. You see, it's called Annihilation for a reason. The golden helm is the only thing that keeps the Amenthi horde in check. Without it, the demons of the dark world would consume everything or die trying. Quote2.png


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Not much is known about the being known as Annihilation, apart from that she is a dark god from the hellish dimension of Amenth and leader of its Daemons. There are many myths about her including that she is an elder god, a primordial force or the spirit of Amenth made manifest.[1]

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Thousands of years ago, her army exited the dimension of Amenth and emerged on Okkara, where her Daemons battled its mutant population, led by Apocalypse, his wife, Genesis, and their Four Horsemen. During the war, Annihilation tried to do a peace treaty with the mutants by offering a gift to Genesis but only if Genesis would pass a test first. Genesis seemed to easily pass the test but the gift Annihilation whispered to Genesis was not revealed. Eventually when Okkara was split into two islands, Arakko and Krakoa, Genesis, the Horsemen and Arakko decided to move to Amenth in order to hold off the Amenthi forces and deny Annihilation access to Earth by sealing the breach between the two dimensions.[2]

As years went on, Arakko became a community for the Okkaran population, while Annihilation kept sending her forces to attack them and captured the Okkaran mutants who had been lost in Amenth to breed them with the daemons in order to produce powerful hybrids.[3] After Genesis' failed years long crusade, Annihilation decided to hold a combat to the death for the position of leadership in Amenth. For that reason, she sent Isca, Genesis' sister who allied with Annihilation, to inform her about the challenge. According to the Summoner, upon Genesis' arrival the two fought with Genesis emerging victorious, but she refused to wear the Golden Helm, leaving the daemons to finally conquer Arakko, until Genesis took up Annihilation's mask and became its host.[3][4]

Annihilation possessing Genesis then observed behind the scenes as the tournament went on. Following the battle between White Sword and Gorgon, the scores for Arakko and Krakoa were even, and both Annihilation and Apocalypse prepared to fight. During their battle, Genesis without the Golden Helm, seemed to have the upper hand as she managed to destroy her husband's sword, but suddenly Apocalypse grabbed her sword, the Twilight Sword, shoved it to her stomach. She begged Apocalypse to kill her, but he refused leaving Annihilation to take control of Genesis and summon almost all of the Amenthian forces to Otherworld, intending to conquer Krakoa for good.[5] However, as the war went on the Champions of Krakoa were joined by the reassembled X-Men and Captain Britain Corps and eventually the Vescora. As the war was seemingly turning to Krakoa's favor, Apocalypse was able to remove the Golden Helm off Genesis' head, causing it to possess Apocalypse. However, unlike Genesis, Apocalypse was able overcome the Helm's influence and used it to make the Amenthian forces to surrender. After that, Saturnyne turned the Golden Helm into a less corrupting staff and gifted it Genesis, while Apocalypse switched places with Arakko, returning the long lost island back to Earth, and then Apocalypse reunited with his family and began governing Amenth together.[6]

Powers and Abilities


  • Possession: Bound to a helmet, Annihilation requires a host to properly interact with the outside world.[2] It is unknown if Annihilation still possesses this ability due to Saturnyne transforming it into a staff.[6]
  • Limited Shapeshifting: Annihilation was able to somewhat change its appearance such transforming from a golden pharaoh headress-like helm to a green tentacled parasite-like creature, and can also adapt to its wearer head and face.[6]
  • Hordes of Amenth: Annihilation was stated to have full command and control of the seemingly endless hordes of Daemons born on Amenth and can command them to do their bidding. Annihilation host's are also granted this ability once they put on the helmet.[3]
  • Dark Energy Manipulation: Annihilation was seen emitting dark energy in form of lighting, although it didn't use this power on its enemies.[6]


  • Sword Combat: Annihilation is seemingly skilled in sword combat.[7]


Host Dependency: Annihilation is unable to move or feel anything without a host to wear the golden helm. Furthermore, while the host wears it, their body will rapidly decay, forcing Annihilation to seek another one.[2]



  • The Golden Helm of Amenth: Once worn by someone, the power of Annihilation takes over their body completely. However, only individuals of great strength can survive the experience as it is shown that the dark god’s power can overwhelm the wearer and disintegrate their body.[2] It is unknown if Annihilation still possesses this ability due to Saturnyne transforming it from a helm into a staff.[6]



  • Annihilation shared many traits with SCP-035. Both being living mystical headgears needing a host to interact with the outside world, while the host's body decays and are both linked to eldritch divinity. It is unknown if the resemblance was coincidental or intentional.

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