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In an effort to expand his empire, Annihilus led an invasion army from the Negative Zone into the positive matter universe.


Annihilation Day, minus 41

A prison ship holding Drax the Destroyer, Lunatik, the Blood Brothers, and Paibok crash landed near Coot's Bluff, Alaska. Drax was killed after Paibok assumed the form of Thanos and distracted him long enough for the others to target him.[5]

Annihilation Day, minus 40

Cammi Benally discovered the ship and bargained with Paibok, who gave her Drax's body. Following the bargain, Drax's body underwent a transformation, leaving the Destroyer reborn in a weaker, but more cunning body.[6]

In retaliation for his own killing, he killed one of the Blood Brothers and Lunatik. The prison ship Dredge 02 arrived and took Paibok, Drax, and Cammi into custody.[7]

Annihilation Day, minus 7

Thanos arrived at the Kyln and retrieved Skreet and the Fallen One, convincing the Fallen One to serve him. He then waited nearby with Death, who informed him that someone who served her even better than Thanos would soon arrive.[8]

Annihilation Day

Annihilation Vol 1.jpg

From the Crunch (the power source of the Kyln, and the border between the positive- and negative-matter universes) came the Annihilation Wave, an immense army commanded by Annihilus, bent on conquering the positive matter universe and adding its territory to his own. The Kyln was destroyed in the invasion, marking it as the first casualty.[9] During the first day, the Annihilation Wave slaughtered millions of worlds.[10]

Annihilation Day, plus 7

The Nova Corps were assembled on Xandar to face the impending threat of the Annihilation Wave.

Meanwhile, Dredge 02 arrived with its prisoners in tow. Following his rebirth, Drax's DNA had been altered, making it impossible for the Nova Corps to prove that Drax was the same Drax that was earlier sentenced. As such, he and Cammi were released, but told they couldn't leave the Nova Corps' custody until the threat of the Wave was assessed.

As the Wave arrived at Xandar, the Nova Corps met it head on. The Corps were slaughtered. The Xandarian Worldmind was taken offline, Richard Rider barely survived the assault, and Drax and Cammi fled the destruction in a quickly commandeered ship.[11]

Annihilation Day, plus 11

Richard Rider searched for other Corps survivors, but only discovered the Worldmind. If destroyed, the entire culture of Xander was lost, and the Nova Force along with it. Richard Rider allowed himself to reluctantly be taken over by the Worldmind, providing him with the combined power of the Nova Corps. With the influx of additional power and still enraged at the Wave's destruction of his fellow Corpsmen, Nova attempted a one-man assault on the Wave, doing immense damage, but almost killing himself in the process. Crashing on a nearby planet, Richard Rider, the last remaining Nova, discovered Drax and Cammi.[12]

Initially arguing with the Worldmind over what they should do (preserve the Worldmind's data or take on the Annihilation Wave), the two eventually come to terms (thanks to Drax promising to instruct Nova on how to properly use his newly immense power), deciding to face the Wave, but with help from others. Drax first taught Nova how to open stargates, allowing them to escape the Wave that still surrounded Xandar.[13]

Arriving at Nycos Aristedes, the trio were saved by Quasar (Wendell Vaughn) who was busy overseeing a mass evacuation of the planet.[14] As Nova worked to open a stargate so that the citizens of the planet could flee, the Wave arrived. Deciding to take on the Wave's fleet together, they inflicted heavy casualties on the Wave and eventually came into conflict with Annihilus. As the two attempted to destroy Annihilus and end the invasion, Nova was momentarily incapacitated, allowing Annihilus to destroy Quasar and claim his Quantum Bands. Attempting to then take the Nova Force, Annihilus was subjected to a mental assault from the Worldmind who used the hivemind that the Wave operated on to elicit mass confusion and to cause them to begin assaulting each other. Near death, Nova was retrieved by Cammi and Drax, who then fled.[10]

Annihilation Day, plus 12

Ronan was taken into custody by the Kree Empire to face court martial.[11]

Annihilation Day, plus 15

Super-Skrull learned from a Kree troop he'd infiltrated that the Wave possessed an immense weapon called the Harvester of Sorrow, a weapon capable of destroying entire planets.[11]

Annihilation Day, plus 17

Annihilus begins his attempts at taking the Power Cosmic, sending his Seekers, including their leader Ravenous, after the Heralds of Galactus. Cornering Air-Walker, the Seekers and Ravenous assaulted the android until Silver Surfer arrived, defeating Ravenous and the Seekers, but failing to save Air-Walker. With his last words, Air-Walker told Silver Surfer that he must combat the Wave.[15]

Annihilation Day, plus 19

Terrax the Tamer was captured by Annihilus' Seekers.[16]

Silver Surfer arrives in Skrull Empire territory, finding it decimated. However, in one debris field he found a single survivor, a former Skrull slave named Tarq Maru. As he attempted to take Maru to safety, the Surfer was attacked by the Seekers. After a heated battle, Red Shift and Firelord arrived, turning the tide and beating the Seekers.[17]

Thanos finally met Annihilus, creating an alliance.[16]

Annihilation Day, plus 20

Annihilation Heralds of Galactus joined covers (art by Gabriele Dell'Otto)

Tenebrous and Aegis, two of the Proemial Gods were revealed to have been freed in the destruction of the Kyln. Preparing to seek their vengeance against Galactus, the two discovered the Fallen One retrieving the Maker's body. Sensing the power of Galactus on the Fallen One, they began to interrogate him.

Silver Surfer, Red Shift, and Firelord found a refugee fleet and delivered Tarq Maru to safety. Stardust then arrived, telling the Surfer that Galactus sought an audience with him. Stardust remained with the other heralds to assist in their assaults against the Wave.

Annihilus informed Thanos of his attempts to gain the Power Cosmic, failing to gain it before the death of Morg. Thanos, curious as to what Annihilus is doing, agrees to assist him.[18]

Annihilation Day, plus 21

Galactus informed the Surfer of the threat posed by Aegis and Tenebrous, asking the Surfer to once again become his herald. Surfer agreed, and while Galactus imbued him with the extra power that his current heralds wielded, Ravenous and his Seekers attacked. Finishing as they begin their assault, the newly empowered Silver Surfer devastated the Seekers and sent Ravenous back to Annihilus, demanding they return to the Negative Zone.[19]

Annihilation Day, plus 29

Ronan was convicted of treason after testimony from Tana Nile "revealed" that Ronan has been in contact with Baroness S'Bak. As punishment, Ronan was stripped of his Accuser title.[20]

Annihilation Day, plus 40

Thanos met with Aegis and Tenebrous, agreeing to help them find Galactus and enact their revenge.[19]

Annihilation Day, plus 41

An Annihilation Wave fleet led by Admiral Salo attacked the Skrull world Aks'lo. Despite being led by the Super-Skrull, the Skrull army stationed there was destroyed after the arrival of the Harvester of Sorrow.[21]

Annihilation Day, plus 46

Super-Skrull sought aid from Baroness S'Bak in attacking and destroying the Harvester of Sorrow, fearing that the weapon might be used on the planet Zaragz'na, where his son Sarnogg lived. S'Bak refused. Desperate to stop the Harvester, the Super-Skrull turned on his fellows, stealing an escape ship and being joined by R'Kin, a young Skrull whose father served under the Super-Skrull.[21]

Annihilation Day, plus 47

Super-Skrull and R'Kin go to the planet Earth, convincing Reed Richards to send him to the Negative Zone so that he could find more information on the Harvester.[21]

Annihilation Day, plus 48

Super-Skrull and R'Kin captured a Negative Zone vessel.[22]

Annihilation Day, plus 52

Super-Skrull discovered members of the Annihilation Wave, destroying an army and interrogating the last surviving member, then killing him when he learned who created the Harvester, a high-ranking Wave scientist named Hawal.[22]

Annihilation Day, plus 55

Super-Skrull and R'Kin arrived on the prison planetoid UX-73 where prisoners of the Wave were used as slave labor and the scientists of the Wave developed new means of destruction.

Super-Skrull slaughtered the forces of the prison and convinced the inmates to join him in destroying the Harvester. He also discovered Hawal, who he forced into developing a means to destroy his invention.[22]

Annihilation Day, plus 65

R'Kin began developing a portal that Super-Skrull's forces could use to return to the positive-matter universe.[23]

Annihilation Day, plus 66

Hawal finished the weapon needed to destroy the Harvester. Super-Skrull then killed him.

Super-Skrull revealed his fears concerning his son to Praxagora.[23]

Annihilation Day, plus 68

The Super-Skrull's forces returned to the positive-matter universe and began their assault on the Harvester, but were betrayed by R'Kin and the Super-Skrull's forces were captured. Admiral Salo forced the Super-Skrull to watch as the Harvester destroyed Zaragz'na. R'Kin revealed that he betrayed the Super-Skrull because he held him responsible for his father's death. Super-Skrull then hypnotized R'Kin, forcing him to release the Super-Skrull's troops. R'Kin then fled as Preak, Praxagora and the Super-Skrull began their assault on the Harvester. Super-Skrull chased after R'Kin, catching up to him and ripping off his limbs, leaving him to die. Meanwhile, Preak was killed by the Wave's forces and Praxagora readied to overload her internal power source, attempting to turn herself into a living bomb. Before she could destroy herself, Super-Skrull arrived, absorbing her power and destroying the Harvester himself.

After the destruction, Praxagora retrieved the inert body of the Super-Skrull.[24]

Annihilation Day, plus 79

The Annihilation Wave has destroyed the majority of the Skrull Empire and its citizens are slaughtered.[9]

Annihilation Day, plus 88

Ronan passed judgement on the Kree world Bwokk, despite no longer having his Accuser title.

Ronan then learned from Tullk Ul-Zyn that Tana Nile was on the world Godthab Omega.[20]

Annihilation Day, plus 95

Gamora vs Ronan

Ronan arrived on Godthab Omega, discovering his old ally Korak the Pursuer among the residents. Almost immediately, the two were engaged in a brief battle with Stellaris and Nebula, who they discovered were members of Gamora's Graces. Other warriors from across the universe are revealed to have mysteriously gathered here.

As one of Annihilus' queens, Eradica led an assault on the Kree Empire, as Ronan and Gamora met in battle.[17]

Annihilation Day, plus 99

The Wave arrived and it was discovered that the cosmic being Glorian had been shaping the world. The forces on Godthab Omega overcame the influence of Glorian and banded together to defend themselves against the Wave. Glorian eventually used his power to destroy the Wave, but his mind snapped as a result.

Ronan finally found Tana Nile, who was mortally wounded in the assault. Before dying, she informed him that the House Fiyero, the leading power in the Kree Empire, were behind her false testimony. Ronan and Gamora then worked together to get the survivors off-planet and warn the Kree of the Wave's arrival.[25]

Annihilation Day, plus 183

While visiting the grave of her father, Phyla and Moondragon were attacked by Thanos who ripped Moondragon's left ear off and told Phyla to deliver it to Drax while taking Moondragon hostage.

On Daedalus 5, the United Front, a universal resistance movement organized by Nova and Peter Quill to combat the Annihilation Wave, manage to hold off an assault by the Wave.[26]

Annihilation Day, plus 204

A major offensive is launched by another of Annihilus' queens, Extirpia. During the battle, Firelord captured the queen.

At the same time, Galactus and Silver Surfer were attacked and defeated by Aegis and Tenebrous. The two Proemial gods turned Galactus and his herald over to the Annihilation Wave.[9]

Annihilation Day, plus 206

Gamora and Nova end up romantically involved.

Peter Quill and Nova interrogated Extirpia, who informed them of the capture of Silver Surfer and Galactus.

Drax revealed to Cammi that he was only helping the United Front in an attempt to get closer to Thanos, and fulfill the mission for which he was created.[9]

Annihilation Day, plus 212

Phyla arrived on Daedalus 5, delivering Thanos' message to Drax, who decided that it was time he fulfill the purpose he was created for and headed off to destroy Thanos.

Nova and Ronan met with House Fiyero, but when they attempted to arrest Ronan, Ronan slaughtered them.

Praxagora arrived on Daedalus 5 with the Super-Skrull's body, telling the gathered troops how he died.

Out of nowhere, Ravenous, one of the Mad Thinker's android, Paibok, Terrax, and the Infant Terrible (now known as the Delinquent and, along with Paibok and Terrax, controlled by parasites) appeared amidst the United Front troops. Soon joined by the Centurions, a Negative Zone equivalent of the Nova Corps controlled by Annihilus, a massive assault was launched on the United Front. They were soon joined by an enormous Annihilation Wave fleet whose flagship featured Galactus, converted into a massive weapon by the Annihilation Wave scientists.[26]

Firelord revived the Super-Skrull as the heralds sensed Galactus's approach and Nova ordered an evacuation.

With the arrival of the Galactus-weapon, Red Shift and Stardust combined their powers to protect the United Front forces, dying in the process. Daedalus 5 was then devoured by Galactus.

Using the chaos to his advantage, Drax snuck onboard a Wave ship, slaughtering its occupants and using it as cover to hunt down Thanos.

After the immense losses suffered by the United Front, the group disbanded, with Ronan leaving to exact his revenge on the House Fiyero with Super-Skrull, who was eager to kill Kree, and Praxagora in tow.[27]

Annihilation Day, plus 220

Drax reached the third of Annihilus' queens, Eradica and killed her, using her vessel to get even closer to Thanos.

Nova reached Earth's moon, momentarily contemplating where he could unite Earth's forces to assault the Wave. Learning of the Civil War, he realized there was no way he could get their help, and debarked.

Moondragon learned that Thanos wanted Annihilus to succeed so that he could rule an empty galaxy, with no opponents to challenge him. Thanos revealed he had no interest in Annihilus' schemes and released Moondragon from the parasites used to control her. He then prepared to release Galactus, but Drax arrived, fulfilling his duty and killing Thanos. Thus leaving Galactus still imprisoned.[28]

Nova heads deeper into Wave-controlled territory, rejoined by Peter Quill and Phyla. They were briefly aided by Blastaar and the Spaceknights.

Unable to release Galactus, Drax released the Silver Surfer, who turned his might on the task of freeing Galactus. An enraged Galactus devastated the nearby Wave forces and destroyed the nearest planet.

On Hala, Super-Skrull, Praxagora, and Ronan learned that House Fiyero had brokered a deal with the Annihilation Wave, leaving the Kree homeworld to Ravenous and the Centurions. Ronan nearly killed Ravenous in their ensuing battle, then killed the leaders of House Fiyero. He then found the Supreme Intelligence, nearly destroyed by the occupiers, and killed his one-time leader as an act of mercy. Ronan was then declared the leader of the Kree.[29]

Nova, Phyla, and Peter Quill finally reached the center of the Annihilation Wave, attacking Annihilus himself. As Annihilus overpowered his attackers, he was surprised when the Quantum Bands flew onto Phyla's wrists, twisting the balance of power. With Annihilus slightly weakened, Nova focused his power and turned Annihilus inside-out, killing him.

Thanos and Death witnessed the final battle, but Nova refused to join them, clinging to life.[30]

Annihilation Day, plus 222

After the death of Annihilus, the parasites controlling Paibok, Terrax, and the Delinquent were deactivated. The three made their escape, causing mass devastation in the process. Arriving on New Xeron and finding it controlled by the Space Parasite, the three assaulted the Space Parasite, with Terrax landing the killing blow. Terrax then set out to rebuild his reputation.[31]

Annihilation Day, plus 227

Galactus was weakened from his capture and sent Silver Surfer to find a new planet for him to feed upon. While waiting, a reborn Stardust arrived, offering Galactus the energy of their remaining people as a demonstration of their devotion to him.[31]

Annihilation Day, plus 268

Armistice Day.

After Annihilus' defeat, the remaining Annihilation Wave forces agreed to a treaty that brought the hostilities to an end, but gave the remaining Wave forces all of the Skrull territory and the former Kree capital, Kree-Lar.

Phyla-Vell decided to use the Quantum Bands to become the new Quasar.

Skreet joined Cammi.[30]

Annihilation Day, plus 274

Firelord refused the terms of the armistice and set out to destroy the remaining Centurions, but discovered that the group had rifts in its ranks, including some honorable members.[32]

Annihilation Day, plus 277

A dying Extermina gave birth to one final being: Annihilus.[30]

Annihilation Day, plus 281

Silver Surfer confronted and, with extreme effort, managed to destroy Tenebrous and Aegis, nearly destroying himself in the process. Impressed with his actions, Galactus healed him.[32]






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