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Current Member(s)
General Annihilus, numerous unnamed member
Identity and Affiliations
Base of Operations
Place of Formation
Creators and Appearances
First Appearance
Heroes Reborn (Vol. 2) #2
(May, 2021)
(1st appearance historically)
Heroes Reborn: Peter Parker, The Amazing Shutterbug #1
(May, 2021)
(1st appearance chronologically)


The Bottled Hive of Annihilation's history is presumably similar to their Earth-616 counterpart's. They made up a series of small but dangerous swarm of spider-like creatures that could wipe out the economy of the United States in a matter of hours. When they try to attack Earth, Hyperion sent them back to the Negative Zone. They eventually attacked Earth along with other villains Hyperion had banished to the Negative Zone. Hyperion managed to stop them by freezing them with his freeze breath.[1]

However, Hyperion missed one creature from the swarm and began attacking the Daily Bugle. Daily Bugle photographer Peter Parker managed to evacuate everyone from the building and kill the creature with an electrified umbrella, but he was also bitten by the creature and began mutating into a spider-like creature.[2]


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