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Quote1 Know me, Annihilus. Know me...and KNOW FEAR. Quote2

Appearing in "Ascension"

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Synopsis for "Ascension"

Nova, along with Phyla-Vell and Peter Quill, have teamed up with Blastaar and the Galadorian Spaceknights to bypass the Annihilation Wave's defenses and reach Annihilus himself.

On Thanos' starship, Moondragon screams at her father Drax that killing Thanos has cost them their only chance to free Galactus, who can stop the Wave from advancing. However, Drax comes up with a plan to free the Devourer. He releases the Silver Surfer from stasis, instructing him to channel all his power at Thanos' failsafe switch, otherwise they're all dead. Doing so, Galactus is released and unleashes his fury upon the Wave.

On Hala, Ronan, accompanied by Kl'rt and Praxagora, storm the chambers of the House of Fiyero. Once inside, he discovers that Fiyero is in fact allied with Ravenous, who had promised the Kree Empire a reprieve from joining the Skrulls on the endangered species list. Kl'rt grows enraged at the insult against his own people and charges at Ravenous, reigniting a fight. Despite his use of the Fantastic Four's powers, he is shrugged off by Ravenous. Ronan then steps in to continue the fight. Kl'rt, noticing that Praxagora is outnumbered by the Fiyero loyalists, he urges her to fight like she means it. She takes him seriously and vaporize the soldiers. Meanwhile, Ronan wins his duel against Ravenous, taking out the left side of his face, declaring him guilty for his crimes against the Kree. The fighting then stops with Ravenous' defeat. As Ravenous and his forces teleport away, Ronan turns to the Kree soldiers, demanding that they stand down or die. Immediately, they choose the first option, before carrying out Ronan's orders to arrest the members of Fiyero. His captives plead that Supreme Intelligence ceded control of the empire to them and that they were only doing what they thought was right. Ronan only says that they stand accused.

He then goes into the Supreme Intelligence's chambers, discovering that Fiyero has in fact lobotomized him. Granting a mercy kill to the Kree's eternal leader, Ronan then exits the building to find the thousands of Kree cheering his name. But he can only wonder what will become of the Kree now.


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