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Quote1 This is for the billions dead by your hand...THIS IS FOR NOVA CORPS! Quote2

Appearing in "Finale"

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Synopsis for "Finale"

Galactus has broken free from Annihilus' custody. In revenge for starving him, Galactus unleashes his wrath upon the Annihilation Wave, while sending the Silver Surfer to herald his wrath. He teleports Drax and Moondragon away to another planet, safe from harm. Meanwhile, close to Annihilus' flagship, Nova, Peter Quill and Phyla-Vell have teleported on the Wave's perimeter. As their teleportation device starts warming up, they notice the massive energy blast about to engulf them.

Galactus has destroyed three star systems in wiping out the Wave, including a Watcher, leaving it crippled and diminished. Word quickly reaches Ravenous on Hala, who then orders his troops to begin planetary bombardment. However, entire building begin launching from the surface, carrying with them legions of Kree soldiers, lead by Ronan the Accuser, to bring the fight to Ravenous.

Meanwhile, Annihilus has survived due to the Quantum Bands. He proclaims that so long as he lives, so will his plans. However, Nova, who has survived Galactus' fury, along with his friends, declares that it ends today. He seals Phyla and Quill in an energy bubble so that he could face Annihilus alone. Unfortunately, the lord of the Negative Zone is unstoppable with the bands, so Phyla forces her way out of the bubble and tackles Annihilus. Though repulsed, the bands quickly leap off Annihilus' arm and onto Phyla, choosing her as their new wielder. She then begins charging at Annihlus, when Nova tells her that Annihilus belongs to him. Annihilus brags that he can not hope to pierce to his body armor, but Nova surmises that his mouth is his only weak point. He reaches down Annihilus' throat and tears out of guts, declaring vengeance for the billions he had murdered and the Nova Corps. He then collapses from exhaustion. As Quill and Phyla run up to him, Nova notices Thanos and Death and says "Huh... see you... better luck... next time..."

On Annihilation Day, plus 268, Ronan has signed an armistice with Ravenous, ceding certain Kree territories and the Skrull galaxy to Ravenous and his forces; the Surfer has returned to his position as Galactus' herald; Firelord is hunting down the remaining Centurions; Kl'rt, Drax and Praxagora have vanished; Cammi is on some distant world, having teamed up with Skreet; Phyla, reunited with Moondragon, is wondering whether to take on the mantle of Quasar, as Wendell Vaughan once did; and Nova, made honorary Kree, is contemplating whether to restore the Corps or to return home to Earth.

On Kree-Lar, currently capital of Ravenous' forces, the last of Annihilus' queens dies in childbirth. Ravenous presents the newborn to his legions as the Lord Annihilus reborn.



Part of Annihilation; Chronicles Annihilation Day Plus 222, AD 268 (Armistice Day) & Armistice Day, Plus 9.

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