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Base of Operations
Unnamed dimension; formerly Negative Zone, invaded common space in Earth-14026

Organization Leader(s)
Formerly Annihilus

Former Members
Annihilus, numerous unnamed members

The various heroes and villains of Earth

Place of Formation


Drax the Destroyer killed Thanos before he could free Galactus and the Silver Surfer. He then attempted to do it himself, resulting in the deaths of trillions, including Galactus. With no one left to stand in his way, Annihilus and the Annihilation Wave entered the Milky Way and sent a scout ship to Earth to determine the truth behind rumors of a superhero Civil War.

Nova and other heroes were able to destroy the scout ship seconds before Captain America would have surrendered to Iron Man. By the time the Wave arrived, Nova had united all of Earth's heroes against the Wave. Though a war broke out, the Earth's heroes would not be enough, and so the villains joined in the fray as well. Nova. desperate to save Earth, reached out to the Inhumans and told Black Bolt of Annihilus' plans.

Enraged, Black Bolt entered the battle and seemed to turn the tide, destroying the Wave. However, billions of reinforcements were still coming. Sensing that Earth's heroes could be wiped out, Uatu summoned the heroes and offered them an ultimatum. The heroes could use a Terminus device to banish Annihilus to another dimension, sacrificing the Moon and the Inhumans in the process, or die. Medusa and Black Bolt pretended to betray the heroes and Uatu in order to divert the Wave. While most of Earth's heroes went home, Nova, Captain America, and Iron Man stayed behind and fought the Wave, sacrificing themselves to allow the Terminus device to build up and transport the Wave to another dimension.[1]

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