Annilhilus was a massive extradimensional being of unknown power who came to Earth after the US government's activation of the project known as the Descriptor Theory Experiment, a project which theoretically allowed for the fabric of space itself to be rewritten. After the failure of the experiment unknown interdimensional energies emmited from the moon had seemed to act as an beacon to Annihilus towards Earth and directly towards the Baxter Building.

At 1st the Metatalent Ops. Command center which consisted of acting director Reed Richards, assistant director Agatha Harkness and Ops technician Alicia Masters thought that the massive object heading towards them was Annihilus' ship however upon impact it could be clearly see that the 100 ft+ bulk was Annilihus itself.

After a failed attempt by the Fantastic Four to neutralize the giant creature assistant director Harkness realized that Annihilus was being attracted towards the Baxter Building due to a unknown device housed within the buildings Negative Zone Vault.

However after activating his neural elastibility ability Reed surmised that Annihilus was regenerating himself after several massive assaults by retrieving other body parts and pieces of armor from other Annihilus from an unknown amount of other dimensions which may be assembled via a process of so-called "Femtotech manipulation" at the theoretical sub-atomic level via its "Cosmic Rod". After this epiphany Reed orders the tactical destruction of the Rods Outer shell. By doing this all of its destroyed or damaged original body parts violently slammed back into itself thus presumably destroying the creature.[1]


Immense strength unknown self propelled extradimensional/interplanetary flight capabilities

Ability to reconstitute/regenerate itself by recalling other non damaged bodies/body parts from other giant Annihilus' from other dimensions via activating his Cosmic Rod.


Has its own intelligence


Destruction of Cosmic Rods outer protective shell can cause serious damage to Annihilus.


Cosmic Rod



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