The past history of Annihilus of Earth-772 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart up until his first encounter with the Fantastic Four.[1]

In this reality, the Fantastic Four became the Fantastic Five with the addition of Spider-Man to their team. When the Invisible Girl became pregnant with Mr. Fantastic's child, she would require the power of Annihilus' Cosmic Control Rod to survive the birth. The other members of the Fantastic Five would venture into the Negative Zone to collect the device. Spider-Man would be captured by the Scavanger and brought to the slave pens of Annihilus. There, Spidey would battle Annihilus and easily steal the Cosmic Control Rod and bring it to his comrades. Annihilus would follow and arrive just as Dr. Doom had arrived to claim the Rod for himself.

Annihilus would battle Doom for the Cosmic Control Rod, their battle taking them dangerously close to the anti-matter barrier. Doom would be contacted by the Whisperer who would convince him to turn over the Cosmic Control Rod after showing him that the loss of his wife and child would bring Reed to the brink of madness. Tossing the Rod to Richards and his group, both Doom and Annihilus would impact with the Negative Zone barrier. While Dr. Doom would be whisked away by the Whisperer to save the multiverse, Annihilus was destroyed upon impact.[2]


Seemingly those of Annihilus (Earth-616)#Powers.

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