On Earth-7812 Annihilus presumably had the same history as his Earth-616 counterpart until he first encountered Rick Jones in the Negative Zone following an early swap with Captain Marvel. In this reality, Rick Jones would have been exposed to the radiation unleashed by a Gamma Bomb instead of Bruce Banner and become the Hulk.

When Rick would be in the Negative Zone while Mar-Vell battled in the Kree/Skrull War, he would be attacked by Annihilus. Rick would manage to survive the attack when the Supreme Intelligence would awaken the Destiny Force within Rick. He would blast Annihilus away with a bolt of that energy and then return to Earth.

Later, when Rick would once more return to the Negative Zone so Mar-Vell could battle various threats, Rick would once more be threatened by Annihilus. Rick would not be able to summon Captain Marvel back to the Negative Zone because he would be knocked out from exposure to Compound 13. Rick would have no choice but to allow himself to transform into the Hulk to protect himself. During the battle, Bruce Banner and Mr. Fantastic would fire a Gamma ray device into the Zone which would separate Rick from the Hulk. While Rick was pulled out of the Negative Zone, the Hulk would remain to fight Annihilus.

Ultimately, the Hulk would knock Annihilus into a meteor fragment, causing his Negato-Gun to explode, destroying Annihilus in the process. The Hulk would be heralded as a hero by the people of the Negative Zone following the death of Annihlus


Seemingly those of Annihilus (Earth-616)#Powers.

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