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Annihilus is the ruler of New Xandar and commands the Annihilation Wave.

At some point in the past, Annihilus invaded New Xandar with the Annihilation Wave, decimating the Nova Corps in the process.[1] Because of this, New Xandar was deemed too dangerous to exist as an ordinary domain, and was sealed away behind the Shield, an impenetrable barrier that separated New Xandar from the rest of Battleworld. [2]

Annihilus was approached by the Red Skull with an offer; in exchange for lending the aid of his Annihilation Wave, Red Skull, together with Magneto, would bring the Shield down and free Annihilus and his hordes to destroy Doom. [3] This proved to be a ruse, however. Red Skull knew that Magneto did not have the power to bring down the Shield, and used him and the Annihilation Wave as diversions to allow him to escape to the other side of the Shield. [4]

Annihilus was later approached by Thanos who convinced him and the denizens of Perfection and the Deadlands to put their squabbles aside and to unite in bringing down the Shield. They succeeded, and Annihilus unleashed his Annihilation Wave onto Battleworld, rushing towards Doomgard, where a battle to unseat Doom was taking place. After Doom effortlessly killed Thanos, he demanded that Annihilus make amends for his treachery and turn his hordes onto Doom's enemies. Fearing for his life, Annihilus complied. [5]



Seemingly those of his Earth-616 counterpart.


Seemingly those of his Earth-616 counterpart.

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