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Cassus Beli

When Apsû grew annoyed by the chaos introducted by the younger generations of Annunaki gods sired by his offspring, he planned to destroy them all, but Ea learned about it and preemptively slew Apsû, thus enraging Tiamat (Annunaki) (Earth-616) and her son Kingu.[1]

Civil War


When Tiamat and Kingu attacked the Annunaki, Tiamat's minions stole the Tablets of Destiny from Dagon, and Kingu used them as a breastplate granting him great power.

They then launched the Annunaki civil war, Kingu leading Tiamat's monster-progeny armies (horned serpents, snake-dragons, demonic lions, lion-men scorpion-men and bull-men) and besieging Dilmun.[2]

Ba'al (with the help of his brother Ea) usurped Dagon's rule, who had succeeded to Anu and whom they perceived as ineffective.[3]

Dagon sired the giant god Ullikummis, made entirely of impenetrable diorite stone, who grew rapidly and chased Ba'al,[4] though he was later defeated by Ba'al and Ea.[3]

As Anu and Dagon proved incapable of ending the war, Ea's son Marduk offered to lead Anu's forces against the armies of Tiamat, and in return would become supreme ruler of the Annunaki. He slew Tiamat, defeated Kingu, retrieved the Tablets of Power and slaughtered Tiamat's remaining followers. He then was crowned ruler of the Annunaki.[2]




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