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Anskar was the leader of a group of rival priests to Arkon in his rule of Polemachus. When the energy rings above Polemachus began to increase greatly, endangering the people, Anskar and his priests, believing the situation to be the work of angered gods, decided to perform a human sacrifice with Astra. However, Thundra and Arkon rescued Astra and escaped to Earth, where they encountered the Avengers. Anskar was able to teleport Arkon, Thundra, and Astra, along with the Avengers, back to Polemachus. Before Astra could be killed, the Avengers intervened, offering to find a way to fix the problem.[2] While the Avengers returned to energy rings back to normal, Anskar, still believing the problem's only solution to be a sacrifice to the gods, killed Astra. As a result, Sersi killed Anskar.[1]

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