Anson Clinton was a territorial governor of the state of Texas during the days of the American Frontier. He raised his daughter Sally, who at the time was a young girl. One day he was staying in a hotel in Carson City when a fire broke out in the hotel. Outlaw gunslinger Matt Slade rushed in and rescued Sally's life, burning his hands in the process before fleeing to a nearby cabin to hide out from the law. Anson and his daughter tracked Matt down, and thankful to Slade Anson informed Slade that he was exonerated of all the crimes he was accused of. Clinton then offered Slade the job as a US Marshal who would work undercover to disrupt various criminals. Slade accepted the job[1] and during his career he regularly took orders from Clinton.

Clinton attempted to keep the knowledge of Slade being exonerated a closely guarded secret, telling very few people so that Slade could use his reputation as an outlaw to his advantage on missions. However Slade's status became general knowledge to some. This did not sit well with some members of the government, including Clinton's assistant Frank Warren. Warren secretly conspired to frame Slade for a robbery so that he would be arrested, but Slade managed to break out of prison and clear his name, exposing Warren of the frame up[2]. Clinton also used Slade's secretive position to handle more sensitive cases, such as when he sent Slade to investigate rumours that German immigrant Baron Ulrich von Wolfgang was enslaving American citizens in the castle he built on free land[3]. In his last recorded appearance, Clinton was targeted by members of the Bork gang during his push to clean up the territory. After a botched assassination attempt, Clinton and his daughter were taken away to a safe place while Slade took down the gang. He also exposed Miles Anders, members of the "reform group" that was championing the reform on lawlessness, as part of a complex scheme to buy up land cheaply while property values were down in order to profit when they went back up again[4].

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