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Ant-Man's Helmet from Tales to Astonish Vol 1 35 0001


Originally built to communicate with primarily ants, this helmet was almost constantly worn by Dr. Henry Pym when in Ant-Man's Suit. That function was later built into other helmets worn by Pym, though the original helmet design and function changed over time. The newest version of the helmet contains various instruments such as size-matching when Pym-Particles are detected and targeting sensors.

History of Uses[]

Spider-Man briefly used this helmet to communicate with spiders.[1]

The Ant-Man helmet falls into Amadeus Cho's possession for a time with Cassie's blessing, choosing to focus on the insect mind-controlling abilities.[2]

Punisher Vol 8 5 Pym Particles

Punisher killing with Pym Particles

Punisher (Frank Castle) stole the helmet to later infiltrate a stronghold of The Hood by hiding on a pizza, regrowing inside the head of a henchman.[3]


  • Communicate with insect life.: The wearer of the helmet is able communicate with most insects, mainly Ants. This gives the person a basic form of control over these insects. The helmet is able to generate manipulated forms of electromagnetic waves. These waves are able to be sent in to the brains of insects through the part of their minds that allows large numbers of them to work as colonies or a single unit. The user does not have complete control but is able to create influence. Using an entire colony of ants the user can command them, such as forming themselves into bridges or walkways, allowing themselves be used as mounts or attacking a target, usually in swarms, as a distraction.
  • Pym Particles Control: The helmet can be used to command the Ant-Man suit to deploy Pym Particles to change size.
  • Radio Communicate: The helmet is also able to communicate via radio waves and other communication spectrum allowing the user to communicate with array of communication devices. This allows Pym to communicate with those around him at a reduced size.

Alternate Reality Versions[]

Image Description Source
Henry Pym (Earth-90984) from Amazing Spider-Man Family Vol 1 8 001 In Earth-90984, Ant-Man's helmet interfered with Spider-Man's Spider-Sense, causing it to always go off. Amazing Spider-Man Family #8
Scott Lang (Earth-199999) from Ant-Man and the Wasp (film) promo art 001 In Earth-199999, the helmet is more important than on Earth-616. The headpiece is made of thick metal and it protects the skull and brain of the user. Dr. Hank Pym stated without that kind of helmet, the chemical balance of the brain is affected when shrinking, and he emphasizes the importance of wearing the helmet whenever activating the suit. Like Earth-616 it has a radio transmitter to control the ants, and another to communicate at a distance with an operator. During the 1970s, Hank Pym wore a version of the original helmet with antennae. Ant-Man (film)


  • The Ant-Man helmet given to Scott Lang by Hank Pym contains a miniaturized laboratory inside.[4]

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