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Quote1.png Up til now, my 'mark on tomorrow' has been a human-hating robotic 'son' and a new Ant-Man who uses his shrinking powers to spy on girls in the shower. I'd like to think I can do better. Quote2.png

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Two of Marvel's smallest heroes must join forces and get over one BIG elephant-in-the-room! Eric O'Grady once STOLE the Ant-Man suit from Hank Pym. But now, Eric is the only one who knows about a secret AIM plot to steal Pym's greatest invention! Can the two men get along long enough to save the soul of the former GOLIATH, Bill Foster? Tim Seeley, creator of “Hack/Slash” brings us the big story of the two smallest Avengers! And make sure you check out this adventure before the astonishing events of AVENGERS ACADEMY #7 next month!


  • The "Baron von..." ruling Earth-9939 is a reference to that reality's descendent of Baron Wolfgang von Strucker.

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