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Agent Anesthesia
Where?! Where did you send us, Monica?!
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Monica Rappaccini
An alternate future. One in which A.I.M. created a perfect assassin. An enemy used that perfect assassin and turned himself into the Devil incarnate. This is a world where fear, barbarism, and superstition rule. It is a place where science is dead, and progress has ground to a standstill. It is a world in which A.I.M. has utterly failed. And it is a world that A.I.M. is responsible for. It is our home for the foreseeable future. Pray we are alone.
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The first team up of Marvel's most unlikely duo may be their last! While his body lay dying, it's up to Ant-Man to save Bill Foster from a burning heaven! And The Wasp is on his own against Monica Rappacini, her elite AIM troops, and the half-sleepwalker villainess ANESTHESIA! See how the smallest Avengers get out of their over-sized jam in the conclusion to this miniseries by writer/artist Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash)!

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