That Skrull posed as the previous Ant-Man, along with a full team of Skrull Avengers on mission to infiltrate and steal Vibranium from Wakanda. He was with them fooling Ms. Marvel to help them.

During a battle, he was seen fighting high-tech Wakandan warriors wielding advanced Vibranium spears and dodging missiles from Wakandan turrets by shrinking before they're compromised after Thor and Black Panther were exposed as Skrulls.

Hearing the Skrull Iron Man's orders to destroy all humans, he was continuing fighting before trying to hit Wasp, who punched him and later commented that felt good for her to beat him as she was planning to punch Hank later.

After the battle, his body was among piled up with the others.


Skrull replica of Pym's Helmet, suit, and Pym Particle belt.


Skrull ship

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