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Quote1 Ant-Man! I'm gonna make you pay!! Quote2
-- Grizzly (Max Markham)

Appearing in "Second-Chance Man: Part 2"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Second-Chance Man: Part 2"

Scott is attacked by Grizzly who, as it turns out, confused him with another Ant-Man.

Earlier that day, Scott applied for a credit at the First Capital Bank of Miami where he got the chance to make a pitch to Mrs. Morgenstern for Ant-Man Security Solutions. To demonstrate his capabilities, Scott hacked into the banks security system to show how easy it is to do. He shot off all the lights and opened all the vaults, to which Mrs. Morgenstern reveals that this must have set free the Midasbot they were securing, who is now attacking people inside the building. Ant-Man traps the robot back inside a vault and destroys him from his inside. Mrs. Morgenstern then invests in Scotts business personally.

Later that day Ant-Man hires Grizzly to work for his new firm as muscle and as tracker. Scott then gets his first job over the phone, what he does not know is that is client is none over than Taskmaster.

Solicit Synopsis

• Ant-Man’s starting a new life-- a bold new adventure-- and you know what that means...

• He needs to borrow some money!

• Also, an old enemy returns... kinda. Sorta. Maybe?

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