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Quote1.png Well, time's up and I got a ladyfriend textin' like crazy. You take care of yourself, Lang--and don't go around tellin' people that arch-enemy stuff. I got a reputation. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Second-Chance Man: Part 3"

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Synopsis for "Second-Chance Man: Part 3"

In Miami Doctor Erica Sondheim is made an offer to change medical science forever - while being threatened by two armed men.

Meanwhile Ant-Man is busy with his new job, securing a warehouse filled with boxes of paperclips. After some work Scott visits Cassie to hear her rehearse her drums for her school's talent show, when Peggy talks to him one-on-one about him staying in Miami and starting a business instead of returning to New York, as he originally planned. Scott assures her that his new job is boring and safe and will not harm Cassie.

Arriving back at the warehouse, Ant-Man is attacked by his own security system, which is manipulated by none other than Taskmaster. After some fighting Taskmaster reveals that he was hired via an app called Hench and is only supposed to keep Scott busy for Cross Technological Enterprises.

Meanwhile Cassie is abducted by Crossfire, uncle to the man who is making Doctor Sondheim an offer, Augustine Cross who, as it turns out, wants her to revive his father, Darren Cross.

Solicit Synopsis

鈥 Ant-Man faces off against his deadliest arch-enemy -- the mercenary known as TASKMASTER!

鈥 Can we really call him an 鈥渁rch-enemy鈥? Well, they鈥檝e actually fought a bunch of times (look it up). And they definitely don鈥檛 like each other -- that鈥檚 what 鈥渁rch鈥 means, right?

鈥 There鈥檚 a mystery villain pulling the strings! He鈥檚 the one covered in heavy shadow. Mystery villains never have good lighting. Need to get to an Ikea or something.

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