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The Ant Men are the last survivors of the Microverse. The realm was attacked by its long time foe the Psycho-Man, who used his Emotocaster to drive the entire planet insane. The group's leader is Marionette who succumbed to the madness and killed her husband Arcturus Rann. The remaining members of the Microns would soon realize that they would not attack each other as long as they didn't look at each other. They would then take their cable car and tried to escape the Microverse. They would arrive just as Man-Thing came to plug up the portal in HEL Laboratories to prevent the Psycho-Man's madness to seep out into our reality.

Calling themselves the Ant Men, they would be freed when Mar-Vell and his followers would arrive at the HEL Laboratories to retrieve the Emotocaster. Mar-Vell would send the Ant Men to keep an eye on Immortus who was locked out of Limbo and falling victim to the Terrigen Mist. His mutation was causing him to mutate into a form that resembled his old Kang identity. When the Ant Men tried to warn Mr. Church (who was really Mephisto) that he was being manipulated, but Mephisto would stop them.

Following their failure in this mission, they would be present at King Britain and Medusa's wedding. Their current whereabouts are unknown.

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