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Antarctica is the third-smallest continent and is 98% covered in ice. Only about 1,000 people are on Antarctica at any given time and none are permanent residents.[citation needed]

A pact know as the Antarctic Treaty was ratified by 12 countries in 1959 stating that Antarctica can only be used for scientific research.[citation needed]

Within Antarctica exists the exotic prehistoric jungle known as the Savage Land and it's neighboring nation of Pangea. Also nearby, beneath the oceans stands the ruins of what was once the kingdom of Atlantis. Here the Atlanteans lived for many centuries before their realm was destroyed in the mid 20th Century, forcing the Atlanteans to find a new home.[citation needed]


Early years[]

The star-headed Old Ones came to Leng, and built multiple cities in the Mountains of Madness, before they were destroyed by their slaves, the Shoggoths.[6]

Pre-Cataclysmic Age[]

Àtlantis had its remotest outpost in Savage Land's Pangea, where the Atlantean scientist Dherk was banished to after predicting the Great Cataclysm.[2]

The Lemurans were possibly descendants of Lemurians who had fled to Pangea to escape the Deviants.[3]

Hyborian Age[]

Legends of the Frozen Land, the fabled Mountains of Madness[5] and the snow-skins drifted from the cold-winded Far South and into the Silver Isles. Rumors of a great isle of ice also existed.[4]

After discovering a snow-skin wench,[4] which they name Tekeli, Bêlit, Conan and the Black Corsairs ventured into the Frozen Land, both to uncover wealth and jewels, and to escape the pursuing Ghomli, a mutinous leader of the Black Leaders who tried to depose Bêlit and gather wealth to build up a holy war against the Hyborian Kingdoms.[5]

Post-Hyborian Cataclysm[]

The South Pole continent became Antarctica after the Post-Hyborian Cataclysm, circa 8,000 BC.[3]

18th century[]

In 1774, James Cook observed the coastline of Antarctica. This event was observed by soothsayer Nostradamus.[7]

20th Century[]


During the late 1920s, the youthful Sub-Mariner frequently visited the shores of Antarctica, his explorations to the surface awakening his various mutant abilities one-by-one.[8] It is on the surface he also met the mysterious Ice King who dwelt there in secret.[9]

The League of Nations built in secret the God Complex, a vault five miles below the surface capable to house threats no ordinary prison could contain, using technology salvaged from crashed alien spacecraft.[10]

World War II[]

In the 1940s, Antarctica was visited by scientist Elton Morrow who discovered a mysterious glowing blue diamond. This gem was in reality one of the components of the Lifestone Tree.[11] Ultimately, the diamond was exploded, the fragments embedding themselves into Morrow's body, giving him fantastic powers. He eventually became the hero known as the Blue Diamond.[12] Also this time the ship S.S. Olympus was attacked by 11th century sorcerer Khor while on a voyage to the Antarctic. They were taken to the Savage Land to be Khor's slaves until they were rescued by the Vision.[13]

In 1944, Nazi operatives relocated to the abandoned scientific village of Little America where they began stock piling weapons in anticipating of the next world war. Their plans were ruined by a vengeful Sub-Mariner who tracked down the Nazis for a prior attack on his homeland of Atlantis.[14]


In the 1960s, a joint operation between the USA and the USSR led to the creation of a facility code-named Friendship. The base would become abandoned some time later.[15]

21st Century[]

Shortly after his return from their brief time on Counter Earth, the Fantastic Four relocated to Antarctica when Reed Richards revealed to his family and fellow teammates that a few years prior he had a base constructed there. The Fantastic Four used this base as their temporary headquarters before returning to New York. While there Richards (with the help of test pilot Ben Grimm) conducted tests on the Electromagnetic Meson Velocirator, with mixed results.[16]

At some point, the Friendship facility was upgraded and re-purposed by S.H.I.E.L.D. to become an outpost. Friendship played a big role in maintaining the integrity of the organization, and severed as the ultimate fail-safe in case S.H.I.E.L.D. was overrun.[15]

Later Umar brought part of her kingdom to Antarctica.[17]



During the Hyborian Age circa 10,000 BC, "oddly white" seals roamed the coastal waters of the Frozen Land, as well as non-albino seagulls and penguins.[5]


During the Hyborian Age circa 10,000 BC, greenery was seen amid the ice and rock. It was guessed it could be grass, moss, or lychen, any or all.[5]

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