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"Anthony" was the "greatest vampire hunter who ever lived" and was the trainer of both Matt Murdock and Eric Brooks, who would become later Daredevil and Blade respectively. He went onto train others to combat the vampire threat, and slayed hundreds of vampires in the process.[1]

Vampire leader

When he was later bit by a vampire and turned into one of them, he decided to become the leader of a group of vampires,[2] and over a few months gathered all the vampire clans under his control, becoming the King of the Vampire.[1] To put his plan to have Vampires rule over mankind, he stole and used an Iron Man Mark I to be able to be active in daylight while order his minions to capture and vampirize any superhumans they could find.[2] Anthony tried to have Blade to agree on a truce to keep out of his affairs, which the Daywalker refused.[1]

After he captured and turned Nerd Hulk into a vampire, he was later killed by him, when he wanted to be the new leader of the group by challenging his dominance. His armor was then taken and used by Stick to attack the Triskelion. [2]

Powers and Abilities


Anthony possessed the powers, attributes and qualities of a typical human vampire.


  • Master Martial Artist: Anthony was a skilled martial artist and trainer, having trained many powerful fighters such as Stick, Daredevil, and Blade to combat Vampires and being able to kill hundreds of vampires on his own for years using his combat skills.


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