"Anthony" was the "greatest vampire hunter" and was the trainer of both Matt Murdock and Eric Brooks, who would become later Daredevil and Blade respectively.[1]

Vampire leader

When he was later bit by a vampire and turned into one of them, he became the leader of a group of vampires,[2] and over a few months gathered all the vampire clans under his control, becoming the King of the Vampire.[1]

He used an Iron Man Mark I to be able to be active in daylight.[2]

He tried to have Blade to agree on a truce, which the Daywalker refused.[1]

After he turned Nerd Hulk into a vampire, he was killed by him, when he wanted to be the new leader of the group. His armor was then used by Stick. [2]


Anthony possessed the powers, attributes and qualities of a typical human vampire.

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