Versus two Spider-Men

The Ringer claims to hail from Waldorf, Maryland, but really comes from Medina County, Ohio. He came to New York City, and found himself in battle Spider-Man and Shadow Cat as he was stealing a suitcase from a businessman. Ultimately, the Ringer was defeated when he was webbed by Spider-Man; in the process,Shadow Cat caused the backpack generator that powers his rings to explode, incapacitating and severely injuring him. After the humiliating truth of his home town was revealed, Ringer was arrested by the authorities.

Ringer later appeared again, attempting another robbery, but was defeated by the new Spider-Man.


Similar to the mainstream incarnation of the Ringer, Anthony Davis.

  • Ultimate Secrets Vol 1 1 notes the Ringer's strength at "2" a contrast to his "official" level of "4" listed on this pages Power Grid.

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