Doctor Druid was a member of The Law Enforcement Squad who were Earth-22519's mightiest heroes. After Galactus' skull of Earth-1462 fell to Earth-616, Doctor Druid and the the Law Enforcement Squad were transported from their own reality to Earth-616 due to the arrival of Abraxas. The Law Enforcement Squad arrived on Earth-616 and Nova arrived to attack them. They were also found by the Fantastic Four, who had followed Nova and they battled the Law Enforcement Squad, with Doctor Druid fighting Mr. Fantastic until Doctor Druid and Captain Universe were told to read Mr. Fantastic's to learn the truth about the Fantastic Four. Captain Universe was knocked down by a flame blast from the Human Torch, and Doctor Druid ordered the Law Enforcement Squad to stop battling, which they did. Doctor Druid and Mr. Fantastic used Captain Universe to travel within to the fabric of the Universe. Inside, they met Abraxas, who was surrounded by the remains of Galactus. Upon returning to Earth-616, Hulk and the Law Enforcement Squad vanished, presumably returned to their own reality.[1]


Semeingly those of the Anthony Druid of Earth-616.

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