On Earth-791218, Anthony Druid was one of the many mystics recruited by the Ancient One to determine what to do about the threat of Dormammu's disciple Stephen Strange. He wished to summon Eternity to destroy their enemies, however this plan was turned down. Undaunted, when the Mad Genghis found an ancient scroll with a spell on it, Druid sought to use it. Unfortunately, it was a spell that summoned eternal doom, instead of Eternity. When Strange attacked them and their circle of protection failed, Druid cast the spell in a panic. They almost got sucked into the portal that was opened before the Ancient one closed it. Later, when Strange attacked again, Agatha and the others cast an illusion, making it appear as though Strange had slain them so that he attempted to battle Eternity, a move that saw Strange surrender his evil ways and ask the Ancient One to train him.[1]


Seemingly those of the Anthony Druid of Earth-616.

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