Major Anthony Holland was an American military officer sent to Nazi-occupied Italy in 1943. He was the right-hand man of General Thomas Dozier. Holland did not know that Dozier had been brainwashed by the Nazis to become their undercover agent. However, Holland's mere presence was usually enough to avoid Dozier's treasons: Dozier could not give certain orders if Holland was present, because Holland would suspect of him.

Holland had heard rumours of a new Nazi secret weapon they aimed to use on the Italian front, but was unaware of its true nature: It was an aircraft from year 2146, obtained with a time machine.

After the Nazis had defeated the American line, Holland accompanied Dozier in an inspection beyond the enemy lines. Both of them and their driver were surprised by twelve Nazi soldiers and a PzKw IV tank, but were rescued by time-travelling heroes looking after the Nazi secret weapon. Dozier offered the heroes some rest in his command post.

As soon as they arrived to the post, a trooper told the General that he had some important visitors: The Invaders, the allied superheroes. Captain America knew some more data on the weapon, including two posible locations and that it would probably be used on the Italian front in 22 hours. Dozier then backed the time-travelling heroes and the Invaders decided to send a team to each possible location. Dozier would have stopped such a scheme, but could not find a way to do so in front of Holland and the Invaders.

Dozier warned the Skull, but nevertheless the heroes overpowered everything the Skull could prepare for them, and then they returned to the American command post. Dozier then took the victorious heroes and Holland to the ambush. The Skull, his troopers and Dozier shot them. However, the heroes were quick to react and defeated all of them.

Soon afterwards, the Nazi army began an attack on the American-controlled Italian front. Holland took part in the battle, which ended in an Allied victory.[1]




Military skill


Thompson submachine gun; .45 caliber pistol

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