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Taskmaster is a renowned contract mercenary, hired by a mysterious organization to monitor Spider-Man and determine whether he was worth trying to recruit. To achieve this, he submitted Spidey to many challenges, ranging from facing waves of enemies to deactivating bombs and spy cameras placed across the city. Eventually, he fought Spider-Man himself to see if he was recruitable yet and fled afterwards.

Taskmaster continued to challenge Spider-Man across the city, facing him once more. After being defeated he revealed the details of his hiring and that the organization would pay Spider-Man "six figures" if he were to join. Peter readily refused.[1]



Seemingly those of the Taskmaster of the Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Taskmaster of the Earth-616.



Seemingly that of the Taskmaster of the Earth-616.



  • Taskmaster can be found in the distance observing Spider-Man during each of his tests. If the player gets too close to him, the villain sets off a smoke bomb and disappears.
  • The dialogue after his first fight with Spider-Man will change depending on if the player can beat him or not. If the player wins, Taskmaster states that he’ll need more data before he can challenge Spider-Man again. If the player loses, Taskmaster threatens to kill Spider-Man if he disappoints him again.

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