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Anthony Sardo was a crime boss who operated a number of rackets until the night the recently escaped Human Torch escaped from his isolation. Trying to make sense of his new surroundings and unable to put out his flames, the Torch would douse himself by jumping into the in-ground pool on Sardo's property.

When the Torch was spotted by Sardo and his henchman Red, Sardo came up with a brilliant plan to manipulate the Human Torch and use him in a protection racket. Under the pretense of trying to help out the Torch, Sardo had Red drain the swimming pool and use the winter cover to cut it off from the very oxygen that would ignite the Torch.

The next day, Sardo would pay a visit to Mr. Harris the president of Acmen Warehouses Inc. He would demand that Harris pay his fire insurance fee or suffer the consequences. Recognizing Sardo as a racket man, Harris would have him ejected out of his office however Sardo would vow to make him pay. Loading the Torch up in a air-tight glass cylinder, Sardo would have the Torch transported to one of the largest Acmen warehouse and smash the cylinder so that the Torch's flame powers would burn the place to the ground.

Realizing that Sardo had manipulated him, the Human Torch would rush to Sardo's home setting it ablaze as Sardo would seek refuge in his underground lab which was lined with twelve inch chromium steel plates. This would prove insufficient to bar the Torch's path as he would melt through the wall and confront his foe. Sardo would attempt to take out the Torch with gas bombs, however the android would burn them up before they could explode. When Sardo would next attempt to toss Nitro on the Torch, this would only serve as a catalyst to give the Torch the ability to control his flame powers. Sardo would next attempt to kill the Torch by tossing sulphuric acid on him. The acid would explode, killing Sardo but having no effect on the Torch.

In the aftermath of the battle, the Human Torch would be cleared of any wrong doing, and his experience with Sardo would inspire the Torch to take up a career fighting crime.
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Anthony Sardo has no super-human abilities.


Sardo was an expert criminal and extortionist.


Anthony Sardo was a smoker.


Using his ill-gotten wealth, Sardo had access to diving equipment, a full lab with 12 inch thick chromium steel walls, as well as glass cylinders that he could seal the Human Torch in.


Sardo utilized an armored car to travel around in


Other than conventional firearms, Sardo also had access to gas bombs, likely of his own creation.

  • In Marvel Comics #1, Sardo is depicted as a lanky man with white hair, however when he is depicted in a flashback in Avengers #133 he appears as a slightly more muscular person with black hair.

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