Anthony Serba was Professor Miles Warren's lab assistant at Empire State University. According to the Jackal he gave Anthony Serba DNA samples to clone that Serba thought were of a rat. Serba was shocked when he discovered they were in fact cloning humans and confronted Miles Warren demanding the clones be destroyed. At this moment Miles Warren snapped and killed Anthony Serba and Miles Warren's Jackal persona was born.[2]

Anthony Serba was later a part of an apparent lie of the High Evolutionary's. The High Evolutionary produced a journal of Miles Warren that claimed that Peter Parker's clone (the man who would later become Ben Reilly) was actually Serba given a genetic virus to turn him into a duplicate of Peter Parker. A college student named Joyce Delaney was given a genetic virus to turn her into a clone of Gwen Stacy. (Assuming this narrative were true someone else would have been infected to turn them into Carrion). This story was later revealed to be untrue and that the Jackal really did accomplish human cloning and he had created other clones of Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy and himself.[3]

Ben Reilly investigated the claim that he was actually Anthony Serba and found there was no merit to the claim. The idea of either him or Peter Parker being Anthony Serba was particularly interesting to Ben as he and the real Peter Parker often struggled over determining which of them was the true Peter Parker.[3]

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