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When tycoon Anthony Stark was shot by spiteful lover Kathleen Dare, nerves in his spine were damaged and surgeons determined he would never walk again.[1] Being a genius engineer with almost unlimited resources, Stark built the most advanced mobility unit, an anti-grav wheelchair,[2] for no less than $2,700,000.00,[3] in which he made public appearances. At the same time, his secret identity as Iron Man was not threatened, because the armor was so advanced that it could "walk" on his command.[2]

While the chair was a technical success, Stark was still gloomy and grumpy,[2] to the point of considering leaving the chairmanship of Stark Enterprises.[4] Stark bought Cordco, International, a company with promising advances in surgery biochips that could help him recover the use of his legs - but the development was experimental. Stark's friend James Rhodes contacted top surgeon Erica Sondheim, who performed the operation so that Stark would walk again.[5]

Leaving the chair for good, Stark understood the trouble faced by disabled people and decided to fund a new corporation, Stark Prosthetics, dealing with orthopedy and cyborgy. Designs of the chair were adapted and sent there. The facility was damaged in an attack by the Wrecker, but the final fate of the chair was unrevealed.[3]

Star remembered the chair when his operation revealed to have some side effects.[6]


  • Named in Iron Man #251
  • The chair appearing in Iron Man #251, identified by Rhodes as Stark's, has an attached booster unit in the back.

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