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During college Victor von Doom tricks Tony Stark into an experiment where his mind is transferred to Tony's body while Tony's mind is transferred to Doom's body with his memory erased. Blamed for carrying out prohibited research, Tony was kicked out of college and forced to live a life of hardship as a Latverian commoner. After a first period of discouragement, Tony worked hard, reaching the achievement of more than one degree and the following success in the field of industry and innovations in the country of Latveria which, with his discoveries, began to annoy the economic power of Stark Universal, led by Victor von Doom in Tony's body. Doom then tried to end the success of Doom Industries by wearing an armor he designed to sell to the highest bidder and sabotaged the main Doom Industries research center but Tony responded by wearing armor of his own invention designed for rescue operations. The two clashed and Tony eventually got the better of Doom who defeated revealed that he was the real Doom and that in exchange for his freedom he would reveal the truth, but Tony replied that the name of "Tony Stark" in the world was associated to greed, cruelty and lust for power and that he was now forever Victor von Doom, an honorable person.[1]

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Seemingly those of Anthony Stark of Earth-616.



Doctor Doom's Armor

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