Quote1.png Stark Tower, Stark Industries, Starkland... call it a hunch. Quote2.png
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Iron Man and Hulk launched an assault on Grand Central Station after Sandman and Abomination had taken it hostage. Iron Man joked it was one of the few buildings he did not own. While Abomination was beaten the duo required Spider-Man's help to defeat Sandman. Nick Fury told Iron Man to go back to Stark Tower and do more research on the mysterious "cosmic bricks" and to not go straight to the hot tub. When Hulk and Captain America came to Stark Tower, Extremis soldiers had taken over and Tony was trapped in his own basement without a suit.[1]

More of Iron Man's activities can be found here: [1]


Tony Stark has no powers of his own but they are derived from his Iron Man Armor.


Seemingly those of Anthony Stark of Earth-199999.


Voiced By Adrian Pasdar

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