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Chitauri Invasion

After finishing a project with J.A.R.V.I.S. to install clean energy in Stark Tower, Tony was informed by J.A.R.V.I.S. that he was being contacted by Agent Phil Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Coulson eventually made his way in despite Stark's attempts to lock him out of the system, informing Stark of a revival of the Avengers Initiative, presenting Stark with footage of Hulk, Captain America and Thor. Pepper took a flight out to Washington D.C., while Tony set out to review the footage Coulson had presented him.

Later, when Struttgard, Germany was attacked by Loki, Iron Man made a theatrical surprise entrance, teaming up with Captain America to take Loki down. Steve and Iron Man sparred with Loki, Loki able to gain backup through mind controlled agents and his powers of illusion, until the heroes were able to capture him.However, while escorting him to the Quinjet, Thor arrived, stealing Loki from them to discuss personal matters, Iron Man and Cap pursued the God of Thunder, eventually resulting in Iron Man antagonizing Thor and him fighting the two. The skirmish escalated throughout the Forest, the duo assembling gadgets to stop Thor as he reigned thunder from the skies. This continued until Thor attacked Captain America's Shield with his Mjolnir, the three realising they were at an impasse and resolved to bring Loki into the Helicarrier. [1]

Cosmic Brick Crisis

Pursuing the Silver Surfer who had recently landed on Earth, Silver Surfer's board was shattered by a ship hired by Doctor Doom, injuring Silver Surfer in the process and causing many "Cosmic Bricks" to splinter from the board.

Grand Central Station Assault

Iron Man and Hulk were sent to deal with Sandman and Abomination who had taken it hostage. The two worked their way through the nearby roads, leading to a fistfight with Hulk and Abomination which resulted in Abomination being incapacitated. Entering the bank, Iron Man and Hulk made their way past Sandman's defences, eventually causing Sandman to retaliate and take the form of a sandstorm, attacking Avengers Tower. Running into Spider-Man, the trio were able to incapacitate Sandman by solidifying his form with a combination of water and cement. As the two supervillains were taken into custody, Nick Fury told Iron Man to go back to Stark Tower and do more research on the mysterious "cosmic bricks".

Emergency at The Raft

Having researched Silver Surfer with Hulk, Tony found him to be heavily connected to the Power Cosmic energy and tracked his power signature to Latveria. Suddenly, a break-in at the raft occurred, with Fury sending Tony and Hulk to take care of it. The two took a ferry to the Raft after helping said Ferry's captain and entered the Raft. There they met Wolverine, who had tracked Sabretooth to this location. The prisoners were subsequently freed by Sabretooth and Mystique, leading the three to investigate the Raft further. Entering the Raft's inner area, the trio encountered the newly freed Whiplash and Leader. The trio made quick work of the Leader, destroying his forcefield and using teamwork to bypass his mind control powers. Finding Sabretooth at a Chamber room, Sabretooth was able to free various high threat inmates, including Carnage, Red Skull, Rhino, Stan Lee and Magneto. Magneto used his powers to pull Iron Man's MK 6 suit apart, putting him out of the proceedings. After Hulk and Wolverine defeated Abomination and Sabretooth, the three split up, with Tony joining Captain America to put him in a new Iron Suit.

Break-In at Stark Tower

After entering Stark Tower through unconventional means the two found that J.A.R.V.I.S. had been reprogrammed against them, with the entire building going into security lockdown. Due to this setback Tony planned to use the MK 1 suit, the only one not connected to the mainframe. Upon entering the MK 1 armor the two encountered Aldrich Killian flanked by a group of Extremis soldiers. The two worked their way up to J.A.R.V.I.S.' mainframe where they were able to restore his programming, allowing Tony to use his latest invention: the MK 42. Confronting Killian, the two found him working with Mandarin and Loki, with the three working together to steal Tony's Arc Reactors. As Loki teleported away, Tony and Cap confronted the villains on Stark Tower rooftops. Eventually, they were able to incapacitate Killian, forcing Mandarin into the Hulkbuster armour. With the use of the House Party Protocol and an EMP, Iron Man & Captain America were able to disable the Hulkbuster suit and bring The Mandarin into capture. Afterwards, Tony reported back to Nick Fury, making sure to demagnetise any suits should he encounter Magneto again. [2]

A Trip to the Ocean

Tracking Loki and Doom to the Ocean, Tony and Thor were assigned to a S.H.I.E.L.D. research sub to help track them. There they found the research sub had been taken hostage by an A.I.M. sub. After Iron Man took out the external weapons, the two were met by Spider-Man and made their way broke into the A.I.M. sub. Fighting their way through various A.I.M. Agents, the thee were faced with Doctor Doom. Following him, they were ambushed by M.O.D.O.K. who they defeated M.O.D.O.K. as a result of him overloading his power. After M.O.D.O.K. was defeated, Doom fled in the stolen S.H.I.E.L.D. research sub. The A.I.M. ship then began to break down and sink. The three were rescued, however, when Jean Grey arrived, immersing them in a protective forcefield. The four made their way to the stolen research sub, which was lodged on an ocean cliff due to falling debris, as Iron Man, Thor and Spider-Man protecting Jean from oncoming Doombots. Reaching the sub and making their way inside, they confronted Doctor Doom, Thor knocking him unconscious with Mjolnir and dislodging the ship in the process. Doom was not brought into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody, however, as Magneto then rescued him by controlling the Statue of Liberty. [2]

Battle with Magneto

Breaking out of the submarine, Jean left the three to report back to Xavier. Meanwhile Tony was briefed by Fury about Magneto's new ship, Asteroid M, with the three resolving to stop it. After Tony and Peter uncovered the Stark Jet, the three arrived at Asteroid M's hangar, where they were greeted by Magneto who locked them in the room with a group of Acolytes. Utilising the airlock to blow the door open, the three pursued Magneto. Chasing Magneto throughout the Asteroid, they eventually confronted him. Magneto proved a worthy opponent, fashioning a metal Avatar for himself and throwing all manner of objects at them. Despite this, however, the heroes were able to defeat Magneto by fashioning large objects out of debris and destroying his avatar, then defeating him in regular combat, launching Magneto back to Earth afterwards.

Battle on Asteroid M

The three then confronted Doom and Loki. Being supercharged by Loki's scepter, Doom blasted the three, knocking Iron Man and Thor back into the lower areas. Eventually, Iron Man and Thor were able to reach Loki and the other heroes after Doom had been defeated. From here, Loki revealed his master plan, use the Doom Ray to take control of Galactus and have it devour Earth and Asgard. Loki demonstrated this, having Galactus destroy Asteroid M, causing the 6 heroes to crash-land on the Helicarrier. [2]

Last Stand on the Helicarrier

Faced with the threat of global annihilation, Tony and Reed Richards came up with a new plan, team up with the various villains Loki had hired due to their shared interest in protecting the earth. Fury followed this plan, having Iron Man and Thor meet up with Magneto and Abomination and brief them on the mission. Upon assembling the group, Iron Man was assigned on 'Team Two' with Abomination, Human Torch and Venom. Through the use of Venom's webbing and Iron Man's Thrusters, Team Two were able to redirect the Helicarrier's rotor blasts towards Galactus. Eventually, the earth was saved, with Team Three summoning a Black Hole and Team Four knocking Galactus and Loki into it. As per Fury and Doom's earlier agreement, the villains were given a thirty second head-start to escape, an idea that was unintentionally sabotaged by Hulk's inability to count to three, allowing the villains to escape. [2]

Afterparty at Stark Tower

Celebrating their victory over Galactus, Tony held a party which the guests found lifeless and boring. With the help of Rhodey, Tony was able to bring life to the party by creating a DJ table for Fury to operate, activating a disco ball and fixing a speaker that Hulk broke. Eventually, they made the finishing touches through a remote controlled Iron Patriot suit, able to begin a three-way dance routine which proved a crowdpleaser. [2]

Face-Off at the Bank

Upon a Bank in the Downtown Financial District being attacked by Electro and Shocker, Iron Man went to the scene in a repaired MK VI suit with Captain America and Spider-Man. After Spider-Man knocked Shocker into a bank vault Electro was able to protect himself by electrifying the water in the bank. After the heroes rescued nearby civilians, Electro engaged them directly, the team quickly defeating him. They then opened the Bank vault, where they were able to defeat Shocker. Both villains were then taken into custody. [2]

Killian's Attack on Malibu

When the Mandarin started launching multiple terrorist attacks on America, one of these attacks resulted in Tony's friend Happy Hogan being injured. Afterwards, Tony publicly challenged the Mandarin. In response, helicopters were sent to Tony Stark's Malibu mansion, destroying it and stranding Tony in Tennessee. There, he teamed up with Harley Keener, who helped him fix his damaged armor. Together, they took down Ellen Brandt. Then, Tony travelled to Miami, where he and Rhodey found out that the Mandarin was really Trevor Slattery, an actor hired by Aldrich Killian as a public figure, taking the blame for explosions caused by Extremis-enhanced individuals. They also found out Killian had kidnapped Pepper Potts and injected her with Extremis, as well as the president. The two then travelled to a Roxxon shipping yard, where they fought against Killian, with the help of Tony's house party protocol. In the end, Tony trapped Killian in his Mark 42 armor before commanding it to self-destruct, before Pepper killed him. After destroying all of his armor, Tony had the shrapnel in his heart removed.[1]

Age of Ultron

Sokovian Raid

After the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D., Tony, along with the Avengers, started tracking down Hydra bases across the world, trying to find Baron Wolfgang von Strucker and Loki's Sceptre. Finally, they tracked him down to Sokovia. Iron Man worked with Hulk to work through Hydra's defences, taking out one of their laser-shields. Afterwards, Tony begun probing the forcefield of Strucker's Castle whilst sending the Iron Legion to prevent civilian causalities. Tony was eventually able to disable the forcefield, allowing him and Captain America to assault it while the others tended to Hawkeye who had been injured by Quicksilver, Tony taking out the airborne threats while Cap took out Hydra's cannons. After they worked their way through these forces, Tony entered the castle where he found Loki's sceptre, only for Scarlet Witch to sneak behind him and create a nightmare in Tony's mind, where he saw the Avengers defeated during the Chitauri invasion. After waking up, Tony retrieved the sceptre.

Creation of Ultron

Back at Avengers Tower, Tony started experimenting on Loki's sceptre and got the idea to use the sceptre to power Ultron. With the help of Bruce Banner, the two successfully powered Ultron up. During the party at Avengers Tower, Ultron attacked J.A.R.V.I.S., took over the Iron Legion and attacked the Avengers, Helen Cho and Maria Hill. Finally, he made off with Loki's sceptre.[1]

Hulk's Rampage in Johannesburg

The Avengers then tracked Ultron to Africa, where he and the Maximoff twins retrieved Vibranium from Ulysses Klaue. The trio got into a fight with the Avengers, where Wanda used her powers to incapacitate Captain America, Black Widow and Thor, as well as sending Hulk on a rampage. After chasing down Ultron and destroying his current body, Tony, in order to stop the Hulk, sent in the Hulkbuster armor to take him down. Afterwards, Tony and the Avengers travelled to Hawkeye's family home to hide out. Nick Fury then appeared and offered his help to the Avengers, and together, they figured out Ultron's plan to force Helen Cho to build him a new body with the Cradle. As the other Avengers went to stop Ultron in South Korea, Tony tried to find someone who had been trying to stop Ultron. In Korea, while Ultron was able to escape with Black Widow, the Avengers were able to retrieve the Cradle containing Ultron's body, along with the Maximoff twins, who betrayed Ultron. Tony and Banner then transferred J.A.R.V.I.S.'s mind, who he discovered was the one fighting Ultron, into the empty body. With Thor's help, the two powered the body up and J.A.R.V.I.S. was reborn as Vision, powered by the Mind Stone.[1]

Battle of Sokovia

Thanks to a message by the captured Black Widow, the Avengers found Ultron in Sokovia. Tony and Vision then encountered Ultron in the church, where Vision cuts Ultron out of the internet. In response, Ultron launched Sokovia into the sky, threatening to plummet it towards Earth and cause the extinction of humanity. The Avengers, with the help of S.H.I.E.L.D. and War Machine, evacuated the civilians. Tony and the Avengers then mounted their last stand at the church, preventing Ultron from dropping Sokovia, where Tony, Thor and Vision severely damaged Ultron. As the last of the civilians were evacuated, and Hulk destroying Ultron's prime body, Ultron, at the last minute, activated the device which plummeted Sokovia. Tony and Thor then destroyed Sokovia.[1]

Kang's Invasion

Battle With Attuma

During a party at Avengers Mansion, Nick Fury called the Avengers to help out with criminal activity across the world. Tony and Captain Marvel headed into the Pacific Ocean, where they found Roxxon funding an invasion attempt by Attuma. Together, the two destroyed turbines powering the underwater base. However, while fighting Attuma, Tony's armor was severely damaged. As Tony and Carol returned to New York to rendezvous with the other Avengers, Kang took Manhattan into Chronopolis.[3]


In Chronopolis, after the Avengers accidentally defeat Man-Thing, allowing Kang to bring Chronopolis into a single time zone, the Avengers received a message originating from Cosmo from Knowhere. After boosting the signal, Cosmo offered his help to the gathered heroes. With Goliath's help, Tony came up with the idea to bring Knowhere into Chronopolis. After gaining Heimdall's help, Tony took Heimdall to Broadway as thanks. As the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy tried regather the scattered Nexus Fragments, Tony and Hank figured out a plan to use Knowhere's EMP to disable Kang's shield around his citadel. Finally, after the heroes had gathered the Nexus Fragments, Tony and Hank used the built machine to open a portal to bring in Knowhere. However, Kang, aware of their plans, sent Ego the Living Planet through instead. Working with Hank and Doctor Strange, Ego was sent away and Knowhere brought into Chronopolis.[3]

Bringing Down Damocles Base

Travelling to Knowhere with Star-Lord and Spider-Man, they used Knowhere's EMP to disable Kang's shield. However, before the Nova Corps could destroy Kang's citadel, Damocles Base destroyed all their starfighters. In response, Tony, Star-Lord and Spider-Man snuck into Damocles Base in order to destroy it. Once inside, the three faced a hologram of Kang, who told them he had ordered Damocles Base to plummet to the ground, before sending Korvac to delay their escape. The trio defeated Korvac and escaped just before Damocles Base crashed into the ground.[3]

Final Battle

As a group of heroes infiltrated Kang's citadel, Tony fought with the others outside against Kang's forces, before meeting with the other heroes inside. There, he witnessed Ravonna betray Kang, using the Forever Crystal to turn him into a baby.[3]


After everything was restored, Tony, Steve and Carol were approached by Ravonna, now called Terminatrix, along with Cosmo, Man-Thing, an elderly Kang and the Supreme Intelligence, warning them of an incoming threat.[3]

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Tony Stark has no powers of his own but they are derived from his Iron Man Armor.


Seemingly those of Anthony Stark of Earth-199999.




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