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Iron Man shared a similar history to his Earth-616 counterpart until the early days of the Avengers. A time travelling Kamala Khan appeared during the battle between the Avengers and the Hulk and Namor. Ms. Marvel was discovered by the Wasp and was confronted by the Avengers and accidentally revealed his secret identity as Tony Stark before she saw Captain America in the water. They brought him on board and Ms. Marvel and Captain America joined the Avengers. They introduced Ms. Marvel during a press conference and after the death of Ms. Marvel's alternate timeline mother, Ms Marvel revealed the truth that was from the future to the Wasp. The Wasp revealed this to the other Avengers and the group agreed to not use it to change the outcome of the future. Iron Man fought alongside the Avengers against the Lava Men and then Kang the Conquerer and were captured by him.[1]

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