Quote1 Listen to me, the reason... the reason why we don't go back and forth through time and fix things... The reason we don't just do whatever we want whenever things don't go our way is because we can't. Time is an organism. It's part of us. It lives and breathes and every time you travel through it, you rip it. You tear it. You hurt it. If you keep doing it eventually you will kill it. You'll break it beyond repair. Do you hear me? What happens when time is dead? What happens when you kill it? It's not just us-- we're not alone in the universe... Quote2
-- Tony Stark src

Tony Stark was the leader of the Defenders, a resistance to protect the world from the constant threat of Morgan le Fay.[1]

When a Wolverine and a Invisible Woman of another reality arrived to his universe, Tony Stark investigated them and discovered they had travelled back in time and assassinated Hank Pym.

When he was interrogating his prisoners, Morgan le Fay assaulted New York City. Stark and the rest of the Defenders fought her and her forces, but died along them when the sorceress caused a nuclear explosion with the collision of two of Stark's Helicarriers.[2]


Seemingly those of Tony Stark of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Tony Stark of Earth-616.

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