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Taken captive in the Holy Land during the English/Spanish war, Anthony Stark was forced to make weapons for them by way of weeks of torture by David Banner, the later Hulk of that world. He needs his massive armor to survive. The armor is powered by "lightning bottles" and provides him with super strength and invulnerability as well as several electricity-powered weapons.

Anthony was called by James I of England into finding David Banner in the New World, after he was not heard from since his transformation to the Hulk. Anthony agreed, but swore that if Banner had betrayed the king, he would kill Banner personally. Accompanied by Captain Ross and his assistant Rhodes, Lord Iron crossed the Atlantic Ocean and arrived at Roanoke where Iron attacked. Iron then flung himself from his ship and captured Peter Parquagh, demanding to know Banner's whereabouts. Iron defeated the colony's soldiers with his built-in technology forcing the colony under control by the English.

Eventually both Lord Iron and Rhodes were led by Virginia Dare who promised them she would find Banner, but they were then led to the ruins of a destroyed native village and were threatened by her into swearing their loyalty to the English, which they did (Iron had no actual allegiance to James I and cared more about swearing his vengeance upon Banner).

When the natives, alongside with the Hulk, battled against the English, Iron attacked the Hulk in a glider. Despite the Hulk's plea to Iron into relenting his vendetta, Iron continued attacking him until Virginia Dare transformed into a monstrous sphinx who then convinced everyone fighting to stop or she would "start eating". After the battle, Lord Iron made amends with Banner and abandoned his quest for vengeance. Lord Iron and Rhodes then decided to stay in the Roanoke colony and start their lives over, in which the two rebuilt Jonah Jameson's printing press (which was previously inadvertently destroyed in a conflict between Virginia Dare and the Hulk) as an automated, electricity-driven machine much to Jonah's enjoyment.

Powers and Abilities


Tony Stark has no powers of his own but they are derived from his Armor.


Seemingly those of Anthony Stark of Earth-616.

Physical Strength

Without his armor, Anthony possesses the strength of a normal human male, with his armor he can lift roughly 90 lbs


None known



Electric-powered armored suit


Several electricity-based weapons on his suit

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