Born in 1938, this world's Tony Stark was a lackluster student whose father owned a failing Stark Industries. After the "Fireworks" (a minor version of the White Event) 1953, Stark began designing "technology five years ahead of everything everyone else" was developing on. At age 16 he was recruited into an early-admission program at M.I.T., where he spent more time drinking than doing assignments, yet he would show up for every test and ace them.

In 1959, the plane he was riding in crashed in Vietnam and he was taken captive by North Vietnamese troops. Held for nearly a week, he escaped on his own to South Vietnam wearing a mechanical suit he designed from spare parts. Returning to the US, he was held at a naval base in San Diego so he could be interrogated. There, he was visited by NSA agents Philip Voight and Joe Swann who believed his powers were connected to the Fireworks event. Confirming this, Voight walked behind Stark and shot him through the skull, killing him.[1]


Superhuman Intelligence: After having his intelligence augmented by the White Event, Stark was capable of designing super-advanced devices, including a toy car made out of foil the size of his thumb that was capable of going 100 MPH and a mechanical suit made out of spare parts that enabled him to battle an army of North Vietnamese troops.

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