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Former Avenger and the creator of Ultron. Following the Avengers defeat, Tony gathered their children (James Rogers, Torunn, Hank Pym Jr. and Azari) and hid them away in the Arctic. Once the location of their home is revealed to the robot. He dons his Iron Man armor to save the children from Ultron, but it is destroyed during their battle, and Tony is taken captive by the robot.

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The children travel to Machine City, Ultron's home base, and with the help of Francis Barton (the son of Hawkeye), they managed to rescue him. After a battle with the robot and his army, they search for help from Bruce Banner. Unfortunately, due to the fact that he does not wish to become Hulk again, he refuses to help. So the young Avengers manage to get Ultron's attention, despite Tony's protests. They lure Ultron to Banner, Ultron arrives and proceeds to attack them. Tony once again tries convince Bruce to help the children. When he fails he goes to help them himself. In doing so he provides useful information on the weaknesses of his Iron Avengers. Because of the fear of the situation, Bruce becomes Hulk again and defeats Ultron, breaking him in a half. Then, Torunn throws Ultron to space.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Tony Stark has no powers of his own but they are derived from his Iron Man Armor.


Seemingly those of the Tony Stark of Earth-616.


Age has seemingly dulled Tony's ability to fight, especially for prolonged periods or through strenuous activity as a single use of his Unibeam left him exhausted.




  • Repulsor weapons

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