Anthony Stark (Earth-60808) from Ultimate Avengers 2 Rise of the Panther 0002

With the War Machine Armor

When Wakandan warriors damage his armour, Stark replaces it with the War Machine armour to fight the Chitauri invasion. He and Giant Man, armed with a gamma generator, destroy the Chitauri mothership but Hank is wounded and dies from his injuries. Stark risks his own life to divert the crashing mothership away from the Wakandan city, draining his suit's life-support function and leaving him in a lifeless state. Thor revives Stark with the magical powers of his hammer. When Stark wakes, he simply says to Thor "You really are a God."[1]


Tony Stark has no powers of his own but they are derived from his Iron Man Armor.


Seemingly those of Anthony Stark of Earth-1610.

Strength level

Relies on his Iron Man armors for superhuman capabilities.


Vulnerable to power failure of his arc reactor chestpiece


  • Iron Man Armor Mark Version 6.7, War Machine Armor


  • Helicopter, Iron Man armor


  • Iron Man armor's repulsor weaponry and War Machine armor's conventional weaponry
  • Although based on the Ultimate universe version, he bears far more resemblance to the Earth-616 version. Whereas the Ultimate version gives Stark a brain tumour and a public identity, this version of Stark is afflicted with a heart condition and his identity is secret.

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