Iron Mandrill is a mandrill who is a member of the Ape-Vengers. He encountered the Gibbon at Ape-Vengers Mansion after Gibbon had helped apprehend Doctor Ooktopus. He was present at Ooktavius' trial and proceeded to beat him nearly to death along with the other Ape-Vengers after he refused to reform.

Iron Mandrill was tricked, along with the rest of the world, into believing that Gibbon had killed Mister Fantastic, While in reality, it was Baron Blood, who had been masquarading as Captain America for years after freezing him. He was further tricked into believing that Gibbon and his companion, Fiona Fitzhugh, were really part of an invasion from Earth-616.

After Gibbon and Fiona were captured, Iron Mandrill and the other Ape-Vengers were preparing a pre-emptive strike against the "invaders" from Earth-616. However, before the dimensional portal could be activated, the Ape-Vengers were attacked by the Outcasts. During the battle, the Ape-Vengers learned that Gibbon was telling the truth about their Captain America being Baron Blood, and witnessed how he fought against the real Captain America, who was defrosted by Gibbon.

Later, Iron Mandrill and the other Ape-Vengers repaired the dimensional portal in order to retrieve their Speedball, who traveled to Earth-616 along with Fiona and Gibbon after being injured by Baron Blood. Iron Mandrill, along with the other Ape-Vengers, participated in killing Shang-Chi-Chi after he and the Agents of Atlas called out the Ape-Vengers to fight.

Later, the Ape-Vengers were about to activate the portal, however, they were suddenly attacked by Gorilla Girl, who traveled to their world in order to prevent them from activating the portal, which would allow their universe to be located by Giant-Man and Wasp from Zombiverse.[1]

While the Ape-Vengers were beating up Gorilla Girl, she managed to throw the Wrencher's Wrench at the portal, destroying it and wiping her from existence. After repairing the portal, the Ape-Vengers discovered that for some reason it still didn't work, not realizing that Spider-Monkey had sabotaged it.[2]


Tony Stark has no powers of his own but they are derived from his Iron Man Armor.

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