Iron Man was one of the members of the Avengers who found the original Captain America frozen in a block of ice at the North Pole. They brought him back to Avengers Mansion to try to reawaken him from his cryogenic sleep but after thawing him out Tony came to the conclusion that Rogers died from some sort of brain aneurysm before he hit the ice. Realizing a world without Captain America, the United States and it's society fell to chaos and disorder.

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Avengers find the frozen body of Steve Rogers.

Stark decided to secretly assemble some of the Earth's most powerful and influential members in order to help solve the major crisis that their world was facing. Naming themselves the Illuminati, they decided to try to reignite the spark left behind by Rogers in hopes that with a new Captain the people will have someone to rally their hopes around again. After testing numerous candidates, Tony and the others chose Frank Castle, who was a vigilante known as the Punisher.

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The Illuminati

Tony had Reed Richards concoct a more powerful version of the Super-Soldier serum and then had it injected into Castle's body. Seeing that his abilities have become more advanced and stronger than Roger's ever was, Tony gave him a uniform and the shield to become the new Captain America. After months of tests and monitoring the fights Castle had been in, Tony decided to make Castle a member of the Avengers. Seeing this as a profitable and symbolic venture, Stark began to merchandise memorabilia through his business connections turning Castle into a superstar overnight.

Tony expanded his operation by putting into effect an initiative called the Captain Americorps, a peace policing force that would provide teams of super-soldiers throughout the U.S. and overseas. As the corps grew larger, Castle became disillusioned by Stark's idea and decided to end his run as a hero. After 20 years, Tony's Corps became so large to the point where alien species joined and they were patrolling space.[1]


Seemingly those of the Tony Stark of Earth-616.


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