Tony Stark was an industrialist who was also an adventurer, the exploits of which were recorded in the magazine known as Marvels: A Magazine Of Men's Adventure. His adventures are always accompanied by his friend James Rhodes, his assistant and lover Doctor Giuletta Nefaria, and chronicler Virgil Munsey. At some point, Tony suffered a weak heart condition due to unspecified causes and required an electrical support, with help from Edwin Jarvis.[citation needed]

During his latest expedition in British Honduras, Tony was in search of the Jade Mask, which is said to cure any kind of ailments and hoped to use it to heal his heart condition. Upon discovering the mask, which didn't cured Tony when he put it on, Tony was betrayed by Nefaria, who in reality worked for the Nazis led by Baron Zemo and Baron Strucker. Virgil is killed before Tony and Rhodes escaped by causing a fire which severely burnt Nefaria's face.[citation needed]

Tony returned to New York City where he hired Pepper Potts as Virgil's replacement and investigated Nefaria's belongings. He soon discovered a journal which told the location of Atlantis and its fable power source orichalcum, which Tony plans to use it to repair his heart. Tony set out another expedition with Captain Namor in his ship, the Dorma. The expedition succeeded in finding Atlantis and recovering the orichalcum in the form of a trident, but were attacked by Zemo and his forces. After Pepper Potts was taken hostage and the orichalcum taken, Tony and his allies again escaped by retreating in Namor's submarine and were soon picked up by Jarvin in an airship.[citation needed]

Tony and Rhodes launched an assault on Zemo's base at Castle Donar and rescue Pepper. The rescue lead to a surprising turn of events to finding Zemo possessing an army equipped with armored suits, and Zemo revealed to be Tony's father, Howard. The elder Stark had long been brainwashed by Baron Strucker and staying loyal for the Nazis in which he helped them in creating their own armored suits. Tony singled-handedly faced his father and Strucker, and defeated by supercharging the orichalcum, triggering an enormous power surge which destroyed the Nazis' airship fleet. Tony was left with a new resolve of abandoning adventuring and making the world safe.[citation needed]


Tony Stark has no powers of his own but they are derived from his Iron Man Armor.


Seemingly those of Anthony Stark of Earth-616.

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