Tony Stark met Stephen Strange at a party in his past. After giving Strange a car ride, they ended up in an accident. This accident caused permanent nerve damage to Strange's hands. Stark swore he would find a way to fix the Doctor's hands. They went to Tibet to seek a cure from the Ancient One, but he was unable to help. Stark discovered that Baron Mordo was holding a curse over the Ancient One, and confronted him, but had a spell placed over him himself that magically silenced him from revealing his treachery against his master. He trained in the mystic arts as the Ancient One's apprentice until he defeated Baron Mordo. The Ancient One then proclaimed him Earth's Sorcerer Supreme.

In the present day, Tony discovered that Dormammu was planning an invasion of Earth. Stark was attacked by one of Dormammu's minions, who apparently defeats him, but the minion started casting spells with hidden arms. Tony defeated him, and attempted to interrogate him, but the minion explodeed. Later Tony constructed a new armor to defeat Dormammu. Stark combined his understanding of technology as well as magic to create an armor which incorporated both. It held a vast storage of magical spells in its memory, ready to be deployed at a moment's notice.

Tony then entered Dormammu's realm and defeated his giant sentry. He was soon detected by Dormammu, but Dormammu made no moves yet. Tony took out another sentry and a spell parasite before Dormammu interveneds. Tony asked him to surrender, and Dormammu refused. Tony summoned his new armor, and they began fighting. He hel Dormammu off for a little while, but Dormammu took his armor and chained him up. Dormammu was able to take his armor thanks to a model provided by Dr. Strange, who has his hands restored for his reward.

Later, while Dormammu is rallying his troops, Clea shows Dr. Strange the error of his ways. Clea tricked her father (the captain of the guards) into leaving the armor unattended. Strange put it on, had it take him to Tony, and freed him. Tony took back the armor, and challenged Dormammu to astral combat. He agreed, and while Stark stalled, the armor phased apart from his body, grabed Dormammu's, and teleported it through the multiverse. Dormammu was forced to retreat in his astral form to pursue it. Tony returned to Earth, and Strange stayed in the Dark Dimension with Clea.[1]


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