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Quote1 Leave it to the billionaire to buy the world some more time. Quote2
Tony Stark[src]


Early Life[]

The early history of Tony Stark largely mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart.

Tony Stark was a brilliant mind, a scientist and industrialist whose weapons were seen as the way to end conflicts around the world. One day, he fell victim to the same sort of weaponry he had created for his own country, and was mortally wounded and captured by the warlord Wong-Chu. Forced to produce weapons for Wong-Chu, Tony instead built a vest to prevent the shrapnel deep in his chest from reaching his heart. He was aided by Professor Yinsen, who helped him create an iron suit that would keep Tony alive and stop Wong-Chu. With Yinsen's sacrifice, Tony succeeded in escaping and became the hero known as Iron Man.[1]

Tony gave himself over to the world's service, creating weapons and technology for S.H.I.E.L.D. and helped form the Avengers. Struggling with his inner demons, Tony succumbed to alcoholism for a time.[1]

Anthony Stark (Earth-9997) from Marvels X Vol 1 4 001

Mutation of Humanity[]

Following the mutation of the human race due to the release of Terrigen Mists into the Earth's atmosphere, Tony isolated himself to avoid mutating, fearing how mutation would alter him, and what it would unleash upon the world.[2][1] At first, Tony continually wore his armor in an effort to stave off the mutations. He forged an alliance with former super villain Norman Osborn, now president of the United States. Osborn granted Tony political asylum and the remains of the Red Ronin Armor in exchange for Stark's help in fighting the Hydra invasion and feeding the nation's citizens.[3]

Tony used the Red Ronin Armor as the base of his new home, Iron Manor, situated in New York City. Tony secretly planned to seize control of the country from Osborn in due time, planning to create an army of Iron Men to police the nation. Tony would spend 15 years building this army, but ultimately hesitated in launching them, unsure that he actually wanted to be in control of the country.[3] During this time, Stark also created the Seven Silver Samurai. These seven robots were given to Lord Sunfire, the son of the original Sunfire, to help defend Japan and its neighboring regions.[4]

With his home under constant attack by mutated humans who resented Tony for remaining unchanged, he constructed the Iron Avengers, programmed with the personalities and characteristics of all the Avengers who fell in battle against the Absorbing Man. This group was led by the lone survivor of the battle, the Vision. Stark would make the Iron Avengers available to President Osborn, using them to combat the Hydra, and also constructed various other weapons and devices for Osborn.[2]

Tony was one of few to maintain contact with Reed Richards, who had isolated himself following the mutation of humanity and disbandment of the Fantastic Four. During a holographic call, Tony confided in him that he was being plagued by dreams of a man with the universe inside of him, and when looking for Earth inside this man, he found it covered by silver.[5]

Iron Man 2020 Vol 2 1 Marvels X Variant Textless

Old Man Tony

Rise of the Skull and the Final Host[]

Following the assassination of Osborn by the Skull, Captain America came to Tony for help against the Skull's army. Tony refused to help personally, believing the Iron Avengers could stop the Skull's army. The Iron Avengers were easily destroyed however, and Tony remained passive even after their destruction.[6] Captain America succeeded in killing the Skull and freeing his army of slaves. Shortly thereafter, the Celestials arrived on Earth, having come to scour it of all life. Tony was filled in on the Celestials' schemes and true nature by Reed Richards; that they had impregnated the Earth with an infant Celestial, and genetically modified humanity's ancestors to serve as the infant's defenders. Now that humanity had prematurely mutated, they had come to destroy them.[3]

In an effort to buy the Earth time, he transformed Iron Manor into a giant suit or armor, using it to distract the Celestials before the arrival of Galactus, who had been summoned by Black Bolt of the Inhumans. Before leaving, he gave Vision the schematics for the Iron Avengers, asking him to rebuild them if he could.[3] During the fight, the Iron Manor was destroyed. While Stark survived its destruction, he was impaled by some of the wreckage, and died shortly after realizing he was finally outside in the open air for the first time in decades.[1]

Realm of the Dead[]

Upon his death, Tony found himself trapped in the Realm of the Dead, locked in eternal combat against other deceased superhumans, while still believing himself to be alive. He was recruited by Captain Mar-Vell in his quest to destroy Death and free the souls of the dead. Tony helped Mar-Vell recruit others to his cause, and was one of the many heroes who participated in the final battle against Death.[7]

Following Death's death, Stark was invited to live in Paradise, a new afterlife constructed by Mar-Vell. There, Mar-Vell selected Stark to become one of his Avenging Host. Using the High Evolutionary's devices, Stark was transmogrified into an angelic being of metallic composition. Joining the Host - which comprised Captain America, Victor Von Doom, Henry Pym, Phoenix and Matt Murdock - they defended the people of Paradise and helped guide other dead souls from the Realm of the Dead into Paradise.[8]

When the Host realized that with each new addition, Paradise would expand and consume a portion of the Negative Zone, the Avenging Host began to question Mar-Vell's intentions. The Avenging Host confronted Mar-Vell at the same moment as the Kree invaded Paradise. Tony and the rest of the Avenging Host were destroyed by Mar-Vell.[9] However, this was all an elaborate attempt to pass on the Cosmic Consciousness to Reed Richards. Mar-Vell revealed that Paradise was not consuming the Negative Zone, but rather enveloping it and all the universe in a protective sphere that would guard all life from the Celestials and other Elders of the Universe. Before handing over the cosmic consciousness to Reed, Mar-Vell resurrected Tony and the Avenging Host. With Captain America departing the group, they recruited a new member; Hawkeye.[10]



During his mortal life, Tony Stark was a normal human and never developed any super human abilities, choosing to quarantine himself when the rest of humanity began to mutate. His potential for superhuman powers from exposure to Terrigen Mists was thus never explored.

As a member of the Avenging Host, Stark's skin was of an organic metal of unknown composition and durability, which had a close resemblance to the armor he wore in his mortal guise. Additionally, he had angelic wings of similar composition that allowed him to fly.

The extent of Stark's powers as a member of the Avenging Host have yet to be explored; however, it is entirely possible that his powers may be similar in kind to his armor when he was alive, drawing from biological means as opposed to technological.


Tony Stark was a brilliant inventor and was able to build many high tech devices and weapons. It is presumable that his skill and ability in this regard is either the same as or rivaling that of his Earth-616 counterpart.

Additional Attributes

When Tony was alive, he was a recovered alcoholic who once had a powerful drinking problem. In his later life he had become a hypochondriac, fearing exposure to others would cause him to mutate.

In his past, he had a piece of shrapnel in his heart which threatened to pierce it.



In his early career, Stark had access to the resources of his own company, Stark International, and utilized various items and peripherals to his Iron Man armor, chief among those a special pacemaker which prevented a piece of shrapnel from piercing his heart.

In later years, he had his own personal assembly line inside Iron Manor, which also utilized many sanitation and sterilization methods and defensive measures for himself to prevent him from being exposed to the contagion that caused the rest of the human population to mutate.

He also developed a new chest-plate which connected him to Iron Manor's computers, and possibly also acted as a pacemaker as well due to his advanced age.


In his early career, Stark had the weapons resources of Stark International, and constructed himself various suits of armor which he used in the guise of Iron Man. All of these armors are similar in composition to that of his Earth-616 counterpart.

In later years, Stark's factory Iron Manor was built out of the Red Ronin armor, and utilized its many abilities and weapons, which were incorporated into the Manor's robot mode. He also created the Iron Avengers, robots based on a combination of his Iron Man armor and various members of the Avengers. Each one was programmed with the personality and similar abilities of the Avenger they represented. He created Iron Avengers based on the Wasp, Goliath, Hawkeye, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch.

Stark also had converted his various suits of Armor into Iron Men robots which presumably had the same abilities as the armors did when he wore them personally, but could act independently or via pre-programmed directives. The extent of these Iron Men robots abilities are unknown as all were destroyed by the Celestials.

In the Realm of the Dead, Stark wore a suit of armor resembling one of his earlier armor designs, while this suit of armor was metaphysical in its existence, it presumably operated on the same principles as the armor did in real life.


While Tony Stark never left Iron Manor, the building itself could convert into a robot which was capable of mobility and flight.


  • This reality's Iron Man, bears similarities to the inspiration of the Earth-616 Iron Man. This inspiration was Howard Hughes; and this Iron Man and Howard Hughes are hypochondriacs, reclusive from society, and have long beards.

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