Tony Stark was a weapons maker for S.H.I.E.L.D. when an enemy of unknown origin took a missile of Stark's and redirected it at him. Before the explosion occurred, Victor von Doom appeared before Stark, and saved him from the explosion. Believing Doom had saved his life, Tony had been working for him ever since.

When Doom was about to have Thor and the Defenders executed, Tony and his other trusted agents turned on him. Tony appearing on the monitor and destroying Doom's lab.

He later appeared alongside the others at the execution platform, fighting Doom with his Repulsor.[1]


Seemingly those of the Tony Stark of Earth-616.


Tony wears an armor piece that covers his entire left arm from shoulder to fingertips. It is unknown why he wears it, injury or otherwise. However it may be a result from the explosion Doom saved him from.


Repulsor Gauntlet: While lacking a full suit, this Tony does have a repulsor emitter built into his left glove.

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