Not much is known about Iron Man, other than he wore the Armor Model 4 at one point. Beetle was hired by Justin Hammer to use against his rival Iron Man.[1]

When the universe was destroyed, Tony died along the other people in Earth.[2]


Seemingly those of the Anthony Stark of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Anthony Stark of Earth-616.


Iron Man Armor

  • Adventures of Spider-Man #10 is the only on-panel appearance of Iron Man. It is not known if he continued wearing the same armor or upgraded to a more contemporary model.
  • Since the flashback panel of Iron Man and Beetle depict Iron Man in his Earth-616 Armor Model 4 and the Beetle in his original suit, this may be a reference to Iron Man #127, where both costumes were used, and Beetle is one of the many villains Justin Hammer hired against Iron Man.
  • Although adaptations based or loosely based on the first 13 episodes of Spider-Man: The Animated Series are canonical to Earth-TRN566, the rest of the show isn't, and therefore Spider-Man and Iron Man's encounters on the show are not canonical to this universe.

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