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Quote1.png Not to be braggy, but I... am the Sorcerer Supreme. Quote2.png
Doctor Anthony Stark[src]


Tony Stark and a group of individuals convinced the leaders of the world's governments to give them the money allocated to their military. After making the world a better place, including inducing global peace with a World Energy Shield, Stark became the Sorcerer Supreme of the entire galaxy by the year 2099 A.D..[1]


When Tempus traveled to the year 2099, thinking it was her husband and her daughter's reality, Earth-TRN640, she went to the Sanctum Sanctorum where she met Anthony Stark. He revealed to her that her family's timeline was erased from existence and that she could never go back. He took her to Tabula Rasa, where he convinced her to return to her real time.[2]

Iron Man

Tony was able to reach out to the past and contact the Iron Man of that time, Victor von Doom. He warned him to give up the Iron Man mantle before he was captured, but lost connection before he could elaborate on the circumstances.[3]


The Next Avengers delivered Ironheart, who was visiting their time in the Vanishing Point, to Stark's doorstep. He vaguely explained to her the events that transpired in the years prior. Stark, among other individuals she encountered, inspired her to prepare for an exciting future before Kobik returned her home.[1]



Seemingly those of the Stephen Strange of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Tony Stark of Earth-616.




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