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Iron Man was a member of the Avengers who clashed with Onslaught in the rescue of Franklin Richards, who tells them that they are not copies of the heroes of his world but that they are themselves shunted off into a hidden dimension.[1]

Later Iron Man with the Avengers and their allies the Fantastic Four clashed with the Hulk who was possessed by Onslaught. During the fight Iron Man received an emergency call from Captain America and went to retrieve Thor after he had collided with the Hulk and had been thrown into the upper layers of the atmosphere transforming into the human Don Blake due to the separation from Mjolnir, so he swooped into the Hulk managing to make him lose consciousness but he himself remained possessed by Onslaught.[2]

The possessed Iron Man clashed with Captain America in a fight without quarters leaving the two heroes both unconscious and Onslaught triumphant.[3]

In the final showdown Iron Man along with the Avengers and the Fantastic Four pushed Onslaught back by imprisoning him in the Negative Zone.[4]

Some time later, Iron Man appeared on Earth transported from his dimension allied with the Quiet Man against Reed Richards.[5]

Iron Man and the Avengers of the F-Dimension, allied with the Quiet Man and the Wizard, hold Franklin and the other childs from the Future Foundation hostage to get what the Quiet man wants from Reed Richards.[6]

Quiet Man reveals to Reed that Iron Man and the Avengers come from the pocket dimension created by Franklin and that even if simple mirrors of the real characters are very useful.[7]

He then tells Reed that there will be another invasion he devised on a worldwide scale and not just of New York and that his stoic guard of honor, or the heroes created by Franklin's imagination, including Iron Man, will be his further aid in that operation.[8]

During the invasion devised by the Quiet Man, Reed manages to break free and Quiet Man teleports himself and his Avengers away to strike again. While during the clashes in Manhattan, the Thing hopes help will arrive from the Avengers, while the fake Avengers appear instead.[9]

The fake Avengers joined the fray by supporting the invasion opposed by the Thing and all its allies. In the final battle, Iron Man struggles against Sandman of the Frightful Four, meanwhile Reed Richards defeats the Quiet Man and without the control of the latter the fake Avengers collapsed to the ground leaving only an empty shell of them.[10]



Tony Stark has no powers of his own but they are derived from his Iron Man Armor.


Those of Tony Stark of Earth-616.



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