Anthropomorpho is the Prime Manifester of the Manifestations, a position which makes it the speaker of the Manifestation race, a race of abstract and other-dimensional beings from the Dimension of Manifestation that serve the cosmic entities of the omniverse, by creating bodies (called M-Bodies) for them. Through some sort of pact, the entities provide power to feed the Manifestations, who in return create proxies or avatars for the entities to act through, when their physical presence cannot attend an event, such as the birth of a new entity or a reality-shattering battle.

The Manifestations have no true leader, negotiating through a primary diplomat, or Prime Manifester, who is currently Anthropomorpho.

Quasar and the Contemplator encountered Anthropomorpho during the Infinity War, when the Magus was using M-Bodies to create his evil doppelgangers of Earth's heroes.[1]

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