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Anti-All is a draconic cosmic entity formed from living darkness that dwelled in the Third Cosmos and embodied destruction, darkness, chaos, and non-existence.[2] According to legends passed down as far as the Sixth Cosmos, Anti-All originated in the "Under-Lands" beneath Infinity and did battle with the first hero, Lifebringer One.[1] A primordial embodiment of oblivion, Anti-All attempted to devour Lifebringer One - the cosmic avatar of light, creation, and existence - and return the nascent Multiverse to the Void from whence it had come.[3]

Through the conflict between the time-traveling Carlo Zota and the Defenders -- Doctor Strange, Harpy, the Masked Raider, and Taaia -- Anti-All nearly succeeded in devouring Lifebringer One due to their science-based technology and magic, concepts that had not existed in the Third Cosmos, draining his power. Realizing this would bring about the end of all existence, Zota, who had killed and unmasked the Masked Raider only to find his future self underneath the cosmic Eternity Mask, donned the mask and engaged Anti-All in combat, the Eternity Mask's powers making him equal to the eldritch dragon in power.

Anti-All's shattered remains scatter its essence across the Multiverse.

As Anti-All overpowered Zota and tried to devour him, Doctor Strange, Harpy, and Taaia channelled the energies of the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh/Eighth iterations of the Multiverse into Lifebringer One. Restored and empowered, Lifebringer One impaled Anti-All and Zota with his sword, the eldritch dragon's body shattering into countless crystalline shards containing fragments of its essence. Doctor Strange theorized that these fragments were scattered across the Multiverse, giving rise to the various incarnations of dark beings such as the Chaos King and Knull.[2]


A creature of living darkness and oblivion, Anti-All sought to devour its antithesis Lifebringer One and return the nascent Multiverse to the Void. However, it cannot be said to have been evil due to those concepts having first emerged in the Fourth Cosmos.[2]



Due to existing in the Third Cosmos, Anti-All is unbound by the laws of time, science, and magic; such that its size is estimated to be measurable from anywhere from meters to lightyears - or even both simultaneously. As a cosmic entity, it possessed the power to reshape reality and could only be opposed by a being of equal power such as Lifebringer One. Following its "death" its essence was scattered across the Multiverse, with Doctor Strange theorizing that it was the progenitor of all other dark gods and eldritch entities.[2]


As a manifestation of the Void, Anti-All was vulnerable to the forces of Light and Creation embodied by Lifebringer One.[2]



Anti-All used its fanged jaws, talons, spines, and serpentine coils in combat against Lifebringer One.[2]


  • Anti-All is similar in appearance to the Symbiote Dragons created by Knull, with one of its fragments appearing similarly to Knull's dragon emblem.
  • Since Anti-All came from the Under-Lands, another name for the Below-Place, it is linked to the One Below All and by extension, every entity born from its fragments. This is an allusion to when Bruce Banner speculated that Knull may have a connection to or be a servant of the One Below All.[4]

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